Why iphone leaves Blackberry for dust

I admit I was a bit gutted to give up my Blackberry. If it’s hadn’t been for Vodafone mucking around and delaying the release of the Bold and Storm (maybe Blackberries fault) I would never have switched to iphone. Despite being a home Mac user, I wasn’t thrilled at giving up my blackberry (I know how Obama feels).

Like a lot of things in life, change seems awful, but once youv’e made that first step, often there’s no going back, for all the right reasons.

I saw an article today about why Apple have been so successful with the iphone. It wasn’t because it’ a brilliant phone, it isn’t, it’s certainly a clever combination of exsisting technology and afterall a phone is a phone. The basic technology has been around for a very long time, you use a phone to talk to someone on another phone, whoopee. Mobile phones can be had for $20, even homeless people have them so it isn’t like it’s exclusive technology.

The iphone is a masterpiece because of the ‘apps’ store. 


If you don’t have an iphone this will mean nothing to you. Blackberry does have applications you can download for productivity etc, if you could be bothered you could muck around going to a site and downloading a program and sycronising it from you computer onto your phone – all in all a bit of a fiddle. The applications weren’t very exciting, it was cumbersome and often it didn’t work. Blackberry’s claim to fame was it’s seamless email.

But the world has moved on, has Blackberry / RIM moved with it?

Well belatedly, because they are apparenlty looking at an apps store. The only problem is WIFI. Blackberry doesn’t seem to be keen on WIFI (the Storm doesn’t have WIFI) because it circumvents their revenue stream – push email through their paid service.

Apple figures it was willing to forgo this rather dated model because it had something better. And the apps storesdoes prepresents something much better and more visionary. 

You can even write your own software for the iphone. It’s not all that difficult, they provide the software and encouragement. So if you have a particular requirement you can just do it yourself, and who knows, if someone else out there finds it useful you could even turn a buck out of it – thousands of people currently are.

Blackberry never had that ability.

Is the iphone perfect? no of course not. But then again neither was the Blackberry. My Blackberry seemed to crash more than the iphone does now. Although I admit to missing a few Blackberry features, the iphone’s versatility as a computer/organiser/entertainment/business/things-you-didn’t-think-a-phone-could-do/system is un-surpassed. Once you use WIFI on your phone, you will not want to go back to a phone without it – just like push email, WIFI is one of those things you get used to very very quickly.

No doubt Blackberry & others will catch up, but they have been left in the dust by Apple. And anyone who has used an Apple for a while will know that they do have a knack for intuitive hardware and software, and the iphone is no exception.

    • lara jane
    • February 3rd, 2009

    Okay, I have a couple of questions! I’m just about to join the smartphone movement and I’m looking at the Bold. Apparently it does have wi-fi, so I’m not sure if you were going on old info or what. Knowing that, what do you think? The iphone isn’t even on my short list. I like a touch screen but not for everything, I really like my Zune, and my friends have had problems with their iphones randomly freezing up and shutting down or dimming. My other option might be the HTC Fuze.

    • I stand corrected, it’s the Storm that doesn’t have wifi, the Bold does. Doesn’t change what I said really as the Storm is basically an iphone lookalike without wifi and an apps store. I’ve had Blackberry for a while and they too freeze and shut down, so this is probably just like desk tops. That said, that particular problem with the iphone can be corrected by restarting it, after a while the crashing and freezing problem goes away – I don’t know why this is, maybe updates in software have fixed the problem – my iphone hasn’t crashed for months now. The phones themselves, no matter who they are from, and unremarkable, it’s the software that is the key, and services like the apps store. Like I said, you can’t appreciate it until you’ve actually starting using these, but the apps store is quite revolutionary for mobile phones. Apple have a massive head start on this ‘technology’, or even you could say, a completely new approach to mobile computers, and it’s likely the more innovations from Apple make the iphone the smart phone of choice for smart people for the foreseeable future.

  1. January 31st, 2009

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