Windows 7… whoopdeedoo

So Microsoft have released a new operating system called Windows 7.

I thought maybe this was the fully working version of Vista, but actually it’s a completely new operating system.

Microsoft seem to be getting ahead of themselves with operating systems. I don’t know anyone who is using Vista, and this is being written on 6 month old laptop using XP as it’s operating system. This was recommended by a number of people and it appears that in business people are still using XP.

If business and many domestic users haven’t even bothered with Vista why would Microsoft launch a even newer operating system as clearly Vista isn’t accepted because it has too many problems.

The fact that there’s little hype about Windows 7 apart from dedicated Windows fans, demonstrates that Microsoft has diminished in importance. 

In a month when GM officially lost the top spot to Toyota, it’s interesting that Microsoft may well be losing it’s spot to Google.

Why bother with an operating system like Vista or Windows 7 when all you need is a stable platform to get on the net so you can use services like the ones Google offers.

An interesting comparison would be fixed line phone companies. Really I don’t need my fixed line telephone, it gets used a few times a month. I only keep it on because it give me Internet access. Microsoft’s operating system is only be used because it gives you a system on which you can access the net – and even then, you don’t really need Windows for that, it’s just that most computers still come with it installed.

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