Gaza vs Burma, Zimbabwe, Congo, Darfur, etc etc


This one was donated by the EU

A quick scan of today’s headlines shows that the death toll from the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has hit 3000 in a few months. The Burmese regime is continuing to miss-treat, and effectively murder it’s own people. War rages in the Congo where children are recruited to commit to most appalling atrocities.

All these events have something in common, they are corrupt regimes propped up by undemocratic countries such as China, and they are inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on their own people.

Meanwhile the news media and various ‘NGO’ groups, celebrities and left wing hangers on, and focused on the Gaza strip. In Gaza the regime, Hamas, deliberately antagonised it’s powerful neighbour by firing rockets at it. Hamas has consistently called for the complete destruction of Israel and it’s people and encouraged people to commit atrocities on Israeli’s and Jews.

Without exception, if any country had a small belligerent neighbour calling for it’s complete destruction and threatening the safety of it’s people, sooner or later it would take action. War is nasty, it’s about killing people. Hamas plays things nasty too, it has played the media and NGO’s perfectly, providing them with set piece photo opportunities, meanwhile it placed military installations next to schools, hospitals and residential areas. When people got killed, they have apparently distorted the figures, yet all this was somehow Israelis fault. Hamas knew that Israel would not sit by and ignore what was happening, they knew the consequences, yet brought this on it’s on people, cynically and deliberately.

The BBC has stepped back from it’s blanket coverage as it’s journalists have been able to get access to ordinary people in Gaza and the true picture has emerged. Despite this poeple have harangued the BBC for not carrying a message from NGO’s looking for aid for Gaza. The BBC probably realises that this aid will be funneled back into Hamas infrastructure ready for the next confrontation with it’s neighbour. The EU has lost patience with Gaza and stated it is tired of giving aid only to see it used in a way that ensures destruction of the facilities built with the money.

So too have the regimes in Burma, Congo, Zimbabwe cynically taken actions that have resulted in the deaths of their people.

Despite this we haven’t seen the likes on John Minto and the people that got worked up about Israel taking to the streets to demand something is done about the 3000 people who have just died from a completely preventable deaese in Zimbabwe.

We don’t see these protesters camped outside the Indian & Chinese consulates demanding they stop supporting the Burmese Regime.¬†

Unlike Gaza, Burma and Zimbabwe haven’t been receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from aid donors and countries, which then was used by Hamas to build up it’s military. Countries like Burma manage to keep going because they sell their resources to China and India. The oppressed people hardly have any voice (unlike the media machine at Hamas) and they rely entirely upon outsiders to highlight their plight.

I guess there’s one key difference here, which is why people are making such a fuss about the tragedy in Burma, Zimbabwe, Congo, Darfur etc etc… Gaza is about Jews. You have to wonder whether this is really about a deep seated prejudice against Jew’s. A prejudice that have been around for hundreds of years doesn’t disappear over night and maybe this is why there is a fuss about Israel in Gaza.

Hamas is anti Semitic, and it has managed to sucker people into supporting it, and maybe in a obscure way this is because it appeals to a deep seated anti Semitism in many people.

How else would you explain the glaring inconsistency of protesters?

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