Auckland Harbour Bridge Flag

mybanner4815a9962759czy8This tiresome event rolls around with depressing regularity every year, and this year Pita Sharples is the self anointed cheer leader.

Pita wants the ‘so-called’ Maori Flag flown on the Auckland Harbour Bridge during Waitangi Day.

I’m inclined to agree with Tau Henare who says it’s a publicity stunt for the Maori Party, and that there are significantly more pressing issues Pita & Co should be concerning themselves about, like the looming unemployment that will surely  affect lot of Maori.

There’s no agreement that this is a flag that represents Maori and it seems it’s a bit like the Maori Party claiming to represent Maori, which isn’t entirely accurate.

New Zealand is made up of a mix of immigrant cultures – including Maori – and if you extend the logic we could probably give each group a week to fly their particular flag, or we could just stick a line of flag poles up and see if we could set some record for the most flags on a harbour bridge – it could be a tourist attraction.

The whole point is that it’s political. Maori like Sharples see the flag as representing a goal of Independence for ‘Maori’, people who think this are usually pretty careful about not pointing that out too much because it will piss off the majority of NZders who feel that New Zealand should be a country where no particular groups is treated preferentially based on cultural differences, and the thought of legal Independence for a particular cultural group is highly undesirable (putting it politely)!

A flag that is a political movements flag is not something that should be flown on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

There should be only one flag if there’s going to be one, and that should be the New Zealand flag that represents everyone here.

  1. in the back of my mind i wonder why this should be there should be so much raurau over one flag..
    you do know that in the 1800s we did have another flag that is originally of this country..and that is the united tribes why not this flag also be raised along this flag alot of maori and pakeha lost there lives for this sick of people telling me this and that about the past..we should not forget the past this is all about us as being maori..and must not also forget that many pakeha also once identified this flag as being a symbol of n.z once upon a time..
    goverment has already tried to wipe out waitangi day as not being a public holiday..but that didnt work..
    if wellington can put up all nations of the worlds flag then why cant they identify tino rangatiratanga flag and the untied tribes flag being flown up on the auckland bridge..this issue only arises on the day of waitangi and not any other day of the year..
    give us one day to celebrate that we are our flags just for one mersly day how hard is that..we are kaitiaki of this land..
    as for tau henare he needs to identify his identitiy because these flags also represent him and his future generation..
    and i know all of his whanau and they dont agree with everything he says..i wont say what they saying behind his back..becos its confidental…
    i hope that one day maori can stand prouud without being degrded for what they believe on…

    kia kaha pita we need people like you

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