It takes 10 minutes to switch from Genesis Energy

Following on from my previous post about the silly points program at Genesis Electricity, I thought I’d share with you how to vote with your feet in the face of the recent price hikes at Genesis.

If you’re with Genesis and haven’t seen the news or checked you latest bill carefully, you won’t know that Genesis has decided to put thier prices up by roughly 9%. I’m going to assume you already know they have which is why your’e reading this.

So here are some simple steps to work out what you should do, it’s free, it will take about 10 minutes, and that 10 mintues will save you some money this year

1/. Get you latest power bill from Genesis.

2/. Go to ‘powerswitch‘ which is a website run by the Consumers Institute.

3/. It’ll take a few minutes to put your consumption use into the web based progam that will then give you a list of providers and the saving you will make from you current provider.

4/. Contact the company and use your customer number to switch over – it took me less than 5 minutes to switch over to Mercury. It was interesting that they actually still had my details from many years ago so you information doesn’t dissapear when you close your account, this may have speeded things up a bit as I assume they would have gone through the fuss of opening a new account otherwise.

The whole process was pretty painless, far less so than changing from a telephone or internet provider.

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