Kindle vs Sony Reader


the Kindle (currently unavailable, anywhere)

Well, it’d be nice to be able to write about the Kindle and Sony Reader (for those who don’t know, these are devices that allow you to download and read a book) in terms of their availability in New Zealand, and the comparative advantages of each… unfortunately we can’t do that because neither are available here in New Zealand.

So why bother even posting an article?

Well, I was having a look at them on-line, sometimes it’s worth buying things like this from the USA because you get them cheaper and quicker than waiting for the respective companies to get their A into G here. 

The Kindle has been very successful for Amazon, in fact so successful they keep selling out. Clearly a demonstration that just because you can sell books and other stuff on-line, it doesn’t mean you’re any good manufacturing and selling a relatively simple electronic device. There’s a nice page with all the hype and is fine until you see that they don’t have them and you’ll go into a queue on a “first come first served basis”… WTF! is that any way to run a business?

Of course not, and Amazon’s sheer incompetence has allowed Sony to exploit the lack of Kindle’s and elbow their way into the market with their Sony Reader, a similar device without the wifi connection.

At least you can buy the Sony device, whereas the Kindle is not available unless you want to buy it second hand. The Kindle might be a bit cooler than the Sony, but if you can’t get it, and consumers are notoriously impatient, then you’ll over look a few possible disadvantages of the Sony device and get that – especially as now they’re the same price.

Sony Reader (available anywhere but here)

Anyway, back to New Zealand. Why the hell aren’t Sony selling this here (Amazon only ‘sell’ the Kindle in the USA, although you can’t sell anything if you haven’t got it to sell). The Sony Reader has been around for a few years now in various forms and I would have thought they could have slipped it into the range here.

I guess if they don’t it won’t be very long before they start showing up on trademe.

These devices are the sort of ‘cheap’ consumer electronics that could do well in a recession.

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