Japanese Whaling Pointless

whales_home_01_nisshin_2_by_geddenTomorrow the Steve Irwin, a vessel owned by Sea Shepherd, departs from Australia to single handedly face down the Japanese Government backed Whaling fleet, this years campaign is called Operation Musashi.

Last time Sea Shepherd had a highly successful campaign harassing the fleet and eventually sending them home with a fraction of their so called scientific catch, and huge financial losses that are born by the Japanese taxpayer through the subsidies the Japanese Government gives to the whaling industry.

Why do the Japanese continue to hunt whales? The are one of the richest countries in the world, their population is hardly starving to death! Few people actually eat Whale (it isn’t actually that nice to eat), any traditional whaling wasn’t carried right down in the Southern Ocean, what little was done, was done in shore around Japan. The arguments are thin and it’s more about powerful lobbying from a meaningless industry and bloody minded politics. 

It’s sad that for such a cultured and sophisticated people that the same peculiar pig headedness that stops them apologising for atrocities during WW2 is the same attitude that allows them to continue the pointless slaughter of marine mammals. There isn’t even any economic gain, it’s just silly pork barrel politics at it’s most saddening.

The Japanese whaling industry talks about managing whaling so it’s sustainable. Like hell, if the ‘fishery’ for whales is managed like every other fishery (including the ones in NZ) then there won’t be any whales left to manage in 20 years time. Fisheries management is the most morally corrupt, politically motivated farce in human history. There are so few examples of properly managed fisheries in the world, with most fish stocks collapsing to the point of extinction, that the thought of the Japanese actually ‘sustaining’ anything that isn’t on their own soil would be laughable were they not so serious about it.

Public opinion is slowing turning against whaling in Japan. 

I’d like to think Paul Watson and his dedicated (and as driven and fanatical as the Japanese) team will ultimately help to turn public opinion against the continued tax payer subsidies that allow whaling to continue. They have done more than any other organisation in history to fight whaling, which brings me to Greenpeace.

Sorry Greenpeace, but what a bunch of soft cocks you are, all talk and no action.

Every year you have milked supporters for cash to finance your filming trips, and a fat lot of good it’s done to date. If you wallys think that the Japanese whaling fraternity gives two shits about your efforts you are even more naive than I thought. You have stood by and watched whales being slaughtered and… filmed it. The Japanese happily carried on knowing full well it would make no difference to what they were doing, it was like a huge game and for Greenpeace it was a useful fund-raising tool. Yep, Greenpeace has pretty much used the deaths of Whales to raise money for things like sitting in a coal fired power station north of Auckland.

Anyway, so much for Greenpeace…

Despite official denials it’s fairly obvious the efforts of Sea Shepherd are having an impact on Japanese whaling, because not only have the Japanese taxpayer funded the whaling expedition, but they are now financing the Japanese Navy to go down and protect the whaling fleet from… one boat with 40 odd volunteers.

Clearly this year will be an interesting one, and as Sea Shepherd aren’t backed by the long suffering Japanese taxpayer, they need your help. If you think there is no point in a country continuing to kill whales with the view to restarting harvesting them – then you can help stop this pointless charade.

Donate to Sea Shepherd!


Don’t waste a cent on Greenpeace because really, they haven’t don’t a thing. If Sea Shepherds very direct action makes you feel uncomfortable, consider that the Japanese are actually whaling in a sanctuary and technically have no legal right to do what they are doing, it’s just governments (including our own) don’t want to risk their trade with Japan by making a fuss.

Remember that the Japanese public have little say in what is going on, but ultimately it’s public pressure from Japanese taxpayers that will stop whaling. Education through direct action is important but remembering to separate Japanese themselves from the action of their Government is vital.

Disclosure of interest; I have been a donor to Sea Shepherd for the last two years.

  1. Yes. Everyone could argue some historical basis for whaling as once upon a time it was an important food source. However the same argument could be used for cannibalism, but that’s not an acceptable argument now. You think about it and there’s plenty of things that are unnecessary or regarded are unacceptable or even immoral now, that would have been quite OK 100,200,500 or 1000’s of years ago.

  2. These are the links to fight the secret dolphin slaughter in Japan. http://tinyurl.com/5nn3na

    They urgently need your help now.
    Please pass this on to every one you know.


  3. This was my first time at the Perth Writer’s Festival and I just loved it! Chris Pash’s workshop and his book The Last Whale have made a great impact on me, both from learning about how to write non fiction and an objective view of why and how whaling can and should be stopped.

    I think this should be a standard history / sociology text book in our schools.



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