Chinese Regime executes ‘spy’

I hope all the NZ companies who have warm fuzzies about utilising cheap Chinese government subsidised labour can sleep easy at night knowing that they help support a regime that  doesn’t extend it’s citizens and visitors the same rights that they take for granted in NZ.

China executes ‘Taiwanese Spy’


another victim of Chinese Nationalist politics

Wo Weihan has been denied access to a lawyer for over a year, and it was probably a forgone conclusion that for the Chinese regime his life was insignificant when it came to political posturing over Taiwan that the Chinese still fancy is part of China – despite it being glaringly obvious to every other normal human being that Taiwan is an independent democratic county.

The Chinese ‘justice’ system is a laughable joke and why they bother with the pretence is odd, it’s either a sensitivity to what the world thinks of them or I guess it’s just there to help foreign investors go to bed at night with a clear conscience.

In the last few weeks the regime threw a elderly woman in prison for objecting to having her home confiscated by the local government in connivance with property developers.

Nice one China, what a beacon of hope for humanity you are!

And over-excited lefties think China will be the next super power, heaven help us!

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