India vs Fishing Trawler 1/0


The Indian Navy sorts out another Pirate Mother Ship

The MSM have been getting themselves excited over real live pirates pinching oil tankers and the like. There’s nothing like people running around with parrots on their shoulders and wooden legs stealing super tankers if you want to pull in viewers and sell advertising space.

So you can only imagine the squeals of delight from newscasters around the globe when the Indian Navy bravely sailed into the fray and starting lobbing shells around and finally nailed one of the pirates so called ‘motherships’ only the MSM could come up with a phrase like that!

It was therefore pretty amusing (but not for the poor sods on the trawler) to discover this week that in fact the Indians had actually sunk a fishing trawler that was in the process of being hijacked.

This story dissapeared off the front pages very quickly, remaining on most large MSM web sites for barely a day, some only hours.

It got me thinking about MSM responses to these sorts of ‘friendly fire’ incidents.

I wonder what the reaction would have been if the US Navy had accidentally sunk a fishing trawler?

I’m willing to bet that the story would be still running with varous anti US whiners and moaners having a feild day, condemnation from the UN, Hugo Chaves doing his usual anti clonial rant, and probably Putin having a go just for good measure. This would have been followed by sanctions and law suits and demands of comepsation, with the MSM whipping it all up into a frenzy.

But because this was a semi third world deomcracy with a tiny Navy, everyone lost interest.

    • john ausemus
    • January 10th, 2011

    I applaude your comments Iam glad to see someone has the
    same sense of humor.

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