Online DVD rental

fatso_logoI’ve written about online DVD rental before, reccomending Movie Shacks service and about the amalgamation of three of the online rental companies in NZ.

The new site is called Fatso .

The new site is similar to Movieshacks, I’m guessing a hybrid of the previous companies. It has a lot more information and you can search using narrower definitions and categories which makes things easier. There is also a bigger range of foreign and ‘festival’ movies. 

Now normally when you get some ‘added value’ it’s usually accompanied with a bigger bill, i.e. Telecoms and Power companies. I just about fell off my chair when I got an email saying not only was I going to get better service and a bigger range of DVD’s (which appears to be the case), but they were going to reduce the monthly fee from $29.95 to $27.95! 

This plan allows you two DVD’s at a time, as many as you like a month. Throw in a few TV series and a couple of movies a week and this is a lot cheaper than store based rental and you don’t have to worry about late fees or driving to the store to pick up and drop off the DVD – you could argue this is an environmentally friendly service.

I highly recommend this service, anyone I know who’s tried it will never go back. And it’s now cheaper than it was previously.

You can get a free trial for a month by going here.

Check it out!

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