President Obama

Well it’s just after 5pm here and it looks like Obama has cleaned up the US Presidential election.

I’m going to stand by my earlier comments that he will prove a disappointment to electors looking for ‘change’.

No-one actually defined what this change was exactly, it just became a catch cry picked up by the media.

Obama certainly ran a slick campaign, and he had a heap of money, more than any other candidate in history, and this is quite likely the most money spent on an election campaign anywhere is the world, ever.

It’s always funny when the left pillory the right when they win elections on the basis of huge fund raising efforts, but when it’s the left doing it, there’s a deafening silence.

Obama reminds me of Tony Blair, and I feel that he will end up being very similar, although possibly not nearly as skilled a politician. I appreciate American’s are sick of Bush, and I can see why. McCain is a talented politician and it is somewhat ironic that a genuine maverick such as McCain lost the election to someone who posed as an agent of change, but who in fact is much less of a maverick than McCain, and more a Democratic insider with little experience or track record.

Obama will wind things back particularly in the areas of free trade and international relations. It’s hardly progressive to be enlarging state interference in peoples lives, but this is likely to happen. I don’t doubt there will be some good things as far as socially liberal things go but in the scheme of things these are hardly ground breaking or will have much effect on peoples lives.

I think American’s who voted for Obama based on the woolly concept of change are going to be disappointed when they discover that really Obama is just another politician, the only change is that he is a slick speaker.

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