Dr Smith sticks foot in mouth?

Dear old Lockwood Smith, I would guess that just about every leader of National cringes when he opens his month because often he engages mouth before operating brain.

His latest comments about immigrant labour are interesting.

He’s reported as saying that companies should be allowed to bring in more Asians as seasonal workers because Islanders hands were too big for doing work on vines, and Asian were better suited to this.

The Government is always screwing around with immigration and their latest toy is the temporary visa scheme for seasonal workers.

Last year companies could bring in workers from where ever they wanted, and unsurprisingly they went for Asians. This wasn’t really PC enough for the Government so they have tweaked it to give Islanders priority (after all it wouldn’t be the first time Labour encouraged the enrolling of non resident immigrants onto the electoral roll to boost their vote during an election.

Apparently Lockwood has been talking to companies that employ immigrant labour and this was the feedback…

I suspect what they or maybe he, really want to say is that Asians work a hell of a lot harder than Islanders, they don’t ask for loans, get pissed, skip work, fight, behave sullenly when asked to do something they don’t feel like doing, and then skip the visa and go bush in South Auckland.

I know a bit about this are Islanders are the least desirable (and that’s being polite) of any immigrant workers. Horticulturalists prefer Asians because they are fast and reliable, and interestingly they usually make more money than islanders because of this. They don’t usually skip the visas because they have farms to go back to and they usually already have horticultural¬†experience.

Naturally the MSM and every other PC tosser would have had a coronary if Lockwood has really spelled out the reason people want to have access to Asian workers… it ain’t racist, it’s just a fact that horticulturists are unlikely to admit to the MSM.

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