Key “out of control”… not

God Helen is such a bore… 

After the TV debate she is claiming that Key had a tantrum. If this had really happened I don’t doubt for a second the MSM would have jumped on it.

It is so pathetic that this is the best that Helen can offer us, the same old repetitive personal attacks on John Key. If being inexperienced means you’re not a cynical vote buying bastard then having Key would be a breath of fresh air.

I’ve heard Key debating in Parliament and he doesn’t sound like a very excitable person, and given his professional experience (of which Helen has zip) it’s highly unlikely that Key would have got where he got in the banking/finance industry by being excitable.

As for her statement about correcting people when they are telling lies, has this woman no shame? She has led a government that has lied, oh sorry, miss-spoke on so many occasions we have lost track.

To be perfectly honest there isn’t much difference between National and Labour in policy. Labour has come over to the ‘right’ preaching things such has fiscal responsibility and various other things that 30 years ago would have been screamed down, National has moved leftwards, although I regard Muldoon as being the most left wing PM we have ever had, banging on about looking after the poor etc etc.

It’s really a matter of style.

If National ‘wins’ it too will have it’s anti smacking moments, brought about by it’s coalition partners, which are likely to be ACT and the Maori Party.

I guess voters have a choice between style of Government.

If you’re sick of the hectoring duo of Clark and Cullen, the slightly sour faced, green eyed attitude towards those that create wealth and the talking to to us muppets who should know better, then it’s a simple choice… vote National.

    • Anna
    • November 7th, 2008

    to be honest I have found the campaign by both very boring and none of them really inspire me to vote for them, yes I will vote National because I couldnt stand HC being PM again…

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