Palin a bad call for VP

I have always had a lot of time for John McCain, and if I were an American, I’d be an active supporter.

I’m not an American, so my opinions not really mean a thing, but seeing as every fawning twit in the world has been banging on about Obama and the MSM has been running pointless opinion polls on the US elections in countries who have more important things to worry about, I thought I would throw my five cents worth in.

I respect McCain because he has been prepared to say unpopular things because they were right, but maybe not fashionable. He has a pretty consistent record of being against high taxes and big government, and despite the Democrats attempts to paint him as another Bush, he is anything but. He is also socially liberal and has been prepared to work with Democrats.

I was baffled by his choice of VP. Here is someone who came so close to winning the Republican nomination last time (and how things might have been different with McCain as president!), and when he has finally won it this time and stands a fighting chance of becoming president, how on earth could he have made such a poor and seemingly uninformed call on his running mate?

Obviously I am not privy to everything that went on and I have to assume that they had a bunch of people lined up and a rational decision making process was gone through. But why would you choose someone who clearly had some questions raised about their judgement and that this issue was going to be decided at a critical point in the election campaign?

It almost seems like McCain has run out of steam and is overwhelmed by the whole election campaign and so unable to make the right decisions. This was always going to be a hard campaign and you have to have admiration for the stamina of both candidates, McCain in particular given his age.

I appreciate that he may have felt the need to appeal to the right wing of his party, but lets face it, were the right wing of his party ever going to vote for Obama? when it came down to voting day were they prepared to allow someone as liberal as Obama become president because McCain didn’t have a right wing enough VP running mate? Unlikely!

A couple of weeks ago I thought McCain still was likely to win the election. Obama is a vacuous inexperienced candidate and I think his election will be a big disappointment to Americans (and to sycophantic foreigners), but McCain’s judgement and experience has to be questions when he has made such a bad call on Palin.

Bush has stuck by some bloody stupid side kicks despite it being glaringly obvious they were complete screw ups and that will be one of the reasons his presidency will be judged poorly. If McCain too is prepared to make such blantently bad call on his running mate, that has more to do with internal party polictics and ideology, his he really the maverick and ‘outside the square’ thinker of the last 20 or so years?

If I were a potential McCain voter thats what would be bothering me, less important even that how Palin actually shapes up as a VP, because it says something about McCains thought process.

On the other hand to not vote for him would hand the election to someone as untried and untested as Palin, with an equally dubious, but for different reasons history. Obama and Palin are similar in that they say the right things to appeal to their voter bases, he talks of “change we all long for” or whatever it is he says, I can never figure out what the hell he’s talking about, and she talks about hunting moose and being proud to be a red-neck. It’s really the same silly stuff packaged for different audiences.

McCain can not reverse the decision he has made, so he will have to hope Obama screws up in the next week, and unlikely but not impossible event. McCain’s choice of running mate has in some ways made it more difficult for the voters he needs, the ones hovering in the center of politics, the swing voters, and I would have thought those were the voters he’d most want to impress.

Not an easy choice really, and this is all happening when the world needs the USA to sort it shit out quickly!

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