Boring Election

Is it just me or has the election here become really really boring?

Normally I find politics fascinating, but for some reason after all the fire works over Winston Peters fizzled the whole thing kind of lost its spark. 

This wasn’t helped by Nationals fizzer of a tax package, blinked and you could have missed it. Helen and her mates are just straight out boring, they now just sound like whining kids in the sweet aisle of a supermarket; once upon a time you could have given them a clip round the ear, now you can’t, so you end up just blocking them out altogether. It’s almost like we are zoning out and thinking of the time in December when we won’t have to listen to that snide prick Cullen talking down to us all the time.

Actually I think has a lot to do with the EFA. The elections have become decidedly socialist, like the ‘elections’ they hold in China or Russia, where everyone goes through the motions but the majority of the population just gets on with their lives and ignores the politicians, because the decisions already been made. There isn’t even the Brethren to get worked up about, because Labour and the Green (beacons of Democratic principal) have legislated all the fun out of elections. 

In many ways Labour has inadvertently shot itself in the foot with the EFA. If it hadn’t been in such a hurry to legislate in a attempt to cement itself in power, it would have realised that the Brethren actually did it a favour last election. If they had allowed that sort of thing to continue they could have used it to scare voters, but now they can’t.

By the time the election actually rolls around I suspect voters will be so apathetic that it will turn out to be the lowest turnout for a while.

The parties have only a few weeks to get the electorate excited, but the EFA seems to have killed that possibility dead.

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