Union BS just in time for the election

Found this gem over at Whaleoil

Seems that although Labour and Friends have tried real hard to stop the nasty ‘right wing’ from spreading their nasty evil this election with the EFA, the Unions on the other hand are niiiiiccccceee and goooooood. They are there to help you and protect you from the nasty capitalists (repeat 100 times before bed).

This little work of useful electionerring is courtesy of Labours Mates, the Unions (not sure which one) but probably the CTU…

Isn’t it funny how it’s somehow bad for the weirdo Brethren to support National, requiring draconian legislation, endless leftist navel gazing, hand wringing, silly plays and books, but when it’s a semi commie trade union that doesn’t count, somehow it’s OK??? really?

I note that the CTU in the interests of informed debate haven’t bothered to ‘inform’ the public exactly how an Aussie ACC provider would be bad, or why the hell we need a state run bank when there’s plenty of other private ones doing a perfectly effective job (including locally owned banks) for the majority of the population. 

Clearly these numb skulls think that merely invoking the mystical words, “sell” and “privatise” will press all the right buttons in the gullible public… sorry guys, the ‘public’ have been buying this shit for three terms now and it’s proved to be as empty as your leaflet.

Best you save you long suffering members union fees for the fight NEXT election.

Funny how no-one mentions that the money spent on these ad’s isn’t some big corporate or wealthy individual with profits to splash around, but some poor sod factory worker on minimum wage that’s coughed up their union fees in order to get some representation in the event of an employment problem, instead the CTU is pissing their very hard earned cash on supporting the Labour Party… nice, good one guys!

I’d like to see just one of your ‘organisers’ face up to some guy with 6 kids on the poverty line in South Auckland struggling to make ends meet, and explain how taking his union fees and defending something as esoteric as Kiwifuckingbank is good value for his fees?

And while their at it, explain how a National Government is going to see increased Road Tolls??? I’m totally lost on that one, is that because you think they’re bad so therefore they will drive up the road toll, because that’s just totally effed up and shows how completely out touch you really are.

Twat of the week award goes to the CTU, well done guys, wise use of your members money!

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