YAWN! NZ First like a broken record

You know it’s election time when NZ First, or should that now be NZ Last break out the immigration card. 

One is left thinking that either NZ First think their voters, the die hards, are really thick, or in fact they are really thick. I tending towards them just being really thick. 

That anyone would vote for a party which has single handedly managed to demonstrate they are complete and utter hypocrites, shows there are still a good 120,000 or so people populating the bottom of the bell curve who are telling pollsters “NZ Firsts the one for me”.

And this weekend, completely predictably, they get stuck into immigrants. 

Apparently they don’t want people from countries with a “class system”, they didn’t define that of course, but it seems to rule out people from the UK which still has a class system, in fact it probably rules out anyone, which is what they maybe want.

So far I haven’t seen queues of NZ First voting pensioners lining up to pick fruit and work in rest homes, but then these people haven’t given a lot of thought to exactly how jobs will get done with low unemployment (still) and the remainder not willing to work full stop. Logic not being a strong point with NZ First, or principals, or the truth for that matter.

Apart from beating up on immigrants, soliciting money from big business, and lying through their teeth to NZ First have any policies at all?

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