Is Wong right, or Wang wrong?

I’ve got to wonder if this is just another cunning stunt from ACT to get itself some free publicity and get around the EFA?

Kenneth Wang is standing for ACT is the new Botany electorate, his billboards suggest that by giving him the electorate vote constituents will end up with two ethnic Chinese MP’s, this is because Pinsy Pansy is assured a seat because of her high list placing. This all makes perfect sense, except that this election with have got the efforts of Labour and friends desperate attempt to stop anyone else advertising themselves this elections.

The EFA is a load of steaming shite, and a normal persons reading of it would indicate that Ken is not asking you to vote for Wong, rather he’s saying vote for me (Wang), because then you’ll get me (Wang) and her (Wong). The EFA seems to be designed to keep lawyers employed, so I’m sure there will be a far more legalistic interpretation that goes in the other direction.

As a publicity stunt It seems to be working a treat because Pinsy Pansy Wong walked right into this one… she should have just shut up and said nothing, then again, seeing she is going to get back in anyway it’s National 2005, and they’re going to fight for every vote, even if it is wasted.

If you are in Botany, and you aren’t going to be voting for Labour, Greens, NZ First or whatever Jimbo’s party is called, and you’d like to see a National led government, and you’d like a bit more Asian-Chinese representation, then following Wangs advice is the way to go.

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    • Sam
    • September 30th, 2008

    good plan. i’m a botany voter and he has been out campaigning heaps.

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard he’s been pretty busy out there, a bit more high profile than Pansy, who stood in Auckland Central last time around and probably doesn’t need to bust her gut in Botany as she going to get back in anyway… and I can understand Ken, whereas Pansy can be hard to follow at the best of times!

  2. The NZ Herald doesn’t seem to have very good news for Wang it seems – only 8% compared to Pansy Wong’s 52%?

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