Latest Auckland IKEA rumour

I see the Herald is running with the latest in a long string of IKEA rumours, and have headlined it…

Furniture maker Ikea eyes south Auckland site

It’s not until you read the article that you realise this is third hand, possibly fourth hand information based on an article in the Independent, and puts the rumours into perspective.

Once again the company has no response, and no one can actually confirm the rumour or provide anything to indicate it might be credible. So once again we are left guessing about whether or not this is true.

In the last few years IKEA has been picked to go into; Botany Downs, Sylvia Park, Albany Centre, South of Pukekohe, Mount Wellington somewhere, and now Manukau.

I’ll leave it to everyone to draw their own conclusions but once again we seem to have some pretty unhelpful reporting with little in the way of firm evidence.

The only area apparently not about to get an IKEA is West Auckland…

I’d heard (from sources so secret and obscure I can’t reveal them) IKEA were looking at land near the new western motorway extension near Massey because it’ll give consumers access from North Shore, West Auckland and when the South Western Highway is hooked up, South Auckland. Real Estate agents have declined to comment and claim to know nothing about this rumour, but there are some huge blocks of land there being re-zoned by Waitakere City Council. IKEA have not confirmed this (because they have never responded to any of my emails about stores in NZ anyway) and so this is as good a basis for a rumour than any of the the other ones started in the last two years.

You read it here first πŸ˜‰

    • Jan
    • September 25th, 2008

    The first site that I can remember being connected to Ikea was the old Farmers building in Hobson Street, immediately after Farmers vacated it and before it was turned into serviced apartments. Has anybody got an earlier rumour?

    • Kyle
    • May 1st, 2009

    I do work with the same consulting firm that is working for Ikea. They confirmed the location is Manukau.

    • Sure, maybe your’e right. But then the Manukau rumour is now over a year old, in fact it’s getting on 18 months. Personally I’ll believe it when I actually hear IKEA announce it, because there have been so many times when it was “opening next year” that it’s difficult to know what to believe. Naturally, if you can name a site and opening date I’d be more convinced πŸ˜‰

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