NIMBY morons and Cell Phone Towers

One way of avoiding cell phone tower radiation...

Some people never seem to give up – making themselves look like complete morons.

Today’s prime example are the fruitloops who get themselves worked up over cell-phone towers. Isn’t it funny how things people don’t understand can seem to be threatening. It’s not hard to see how people believed the earth was flat or that cars needed someone in front of them with a flag to warn people. Fortunately most of us live in the real world otherwise we’d still be living in caves, poking our next meal to death with a sharp stick and communicating in grunts.

I guess the Herald is providing a bit of comic relief going into the weekend with this article, it appears that the common garden RMA that’s been holding development back in NZ for years simply isn’t enough for our local Luddites, they want to be able to have “more say” on cell towers positioning. Of course by “more say” they really mean so much say that the project never goes ahead. They not worried about how ugly the towers look (because they aren’t flash looking), it’s because they are worried they will get cancer from the signal. Clearly somethings fried their brains but it may not be cell phone signals.

Take a look at these bits from the article…

“Residents of Waiheke Island’s Surfdale Beach found out about a Vodafone tower only when a woman recovering from breast cancer asked workers in “unmarked white vans” what they were doing.”

The fact that it’s Waiheke says it all really, the last refuge for hippies and various other nutters. I suggest both teleco’s withdraw immediately and let the island do without 21st century telecommunications. I mean what the hell does the fact someone is recovering from breast cancer have to do with cell-phone towers??? why even put that bit in the article? is this just lazy ‘journalism’ because it sure looks like this was a block quote from “Ban the Towers’ group. I can’t find any credible evidence that cell phones cause breast cancer so it’s a irrelevant red herring. Ooooooh ‘unmarked white vans’ has someone been watching too much X Files? Did anyone bother to check this statement out, because I’ve never seen any unmarked white vans doing telecoms work, usually they are clearly branded for good reason. But hey, it’s a nicely emotive using the term “unmarked”, and conjures up images of conspiracy and black helicopters in the dead of night, once again stupid, lazy, emotive reporting on the part of the Herald.

“Ms Grey, a Nelson environmental lawyer and scientist, said companies could put up towers as long as they were within New Zealand electromagnetic exposure limits. She questioned the standards, saying Austria’s, Russia’s and China’s were more than 100 times stricter.”

I have no idea why Austria was quoted, but I sure as hell can figure out why Russia and China have strict rules, it’s not like either of these countries has a stella track record on giving two shits about their citizens, but they do care about media control and the cell phone restrictions have more to do with protectionism from foreign telecos and local media control than peoples health. We’ll just ignore the glaring fact that obviously the rest of the know world has the same or worse standards than us.

“Ms Grey said cellphone towers were highly contentious and terrified people, which was an effect in itself.”

Well, this is pure gold, and clearly this stunning piece of logic is argument enough isn’t it? It’s now pretty obvious that genius’s like Ms Grey should be running the country, because using this argument we could sort out all our problems. Hell, I’m terrified by the IRD, so lets start with doing away with them, and idiot Luddite greenies like the ‘Ban the Tower’ nutters absolutely petrify me almost to death (the thought of not getting full 3G coverage for my iphone has all but confined me to bed) so lets get rid of those people ASAP!

The part that reduced me into fits of laughter was this…

“The hearing was interrupted from the public gallery by Vicky Webb, who emotionally told how her family chose not to use a microwave and made limited use of cellphones but returned from holiday to find a tower being put up 45m from her children’s window.”

Wait a minute, you don’t use a microwave, but you make “limited” use of cell phones, WTF? do you think we are all stupid? Oh, I see, you are quite happy to use cellphones, but you just don’t want the tower near your house because… uh, wait a minute while I try and figure this out… I give up.

This weeks Idiot NIMBY of the Week award goes to Vicky Webb!


Just a plug here, if anyone from Vodafone is reading this and you want to put a 3G mast on our section, drop me an email, we’d be happy to help out. 

  1. We need to stop this now. I have 3 daughters who are adaament we are heading in the right direction. why have they asked the ? if they are being zapped at night when I don’t know the answer. they ask ” mum if I text when i need you , am i safe if i do this I dont want to die young as we are striving to be a Dr.. of medicine We are the kids of waiheke, we can help others. Can we turn off the switch. no .no .. no choice. Akl council do not ask any more, how BAD IS THAT. If i wanted an extention on my property they would hound me, done like wolf’s and i’d have to pay big time. But Telco can do what they want as Akl council know they got more money than Africa . Near Neighbours are , poor, no money can fight these giants ! There is no competion to fight them. Money pays and you can then lie!! STOP ANY TOWERS ON WAIHEKE. W ARE CLEAN AND GREEN . THATS WHY WE HAVE MOVED HERE. SOMETIMES MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING

  2. Lizzie,
    Obviously I don’t agree.
    Firstly Waiheke isn’t clean or “green” (whatever that means) for years residents have been putting their septic waste into the ground water system and ultimately into the streams rivers and sea. As the population has grown so has the biological waste that would put a dairy farm to shame. Waiheke has a big population of Green Voters, but that doesn’t make it an environmentally friendly place. It’s funny how you don’t like the Council restrictions that are aimed specifically at the environmental problems in Waiheke caused by the residents.
    Anyway, how on earth is a cell phone repeater tower environmentally unfriendly? It’s footprint is no worse than the garden shed.
    Your comments illustrate why I call anti tower people Luddites, this really not about the environment, it’s about opposition to progress and things you don’t understand, if you dress it up and being Green, somehow that makes it right. It doesn’t, it just makes you miss-guided.

  3. I am tired about the whole green conversation. Seam like it only comes into play when a need for a cover up is in order.

    • Will
    • March 6th, 2009

    Well whilst I live on Waiheke, I am not a green, hippie, commie or even a leftie. I even disagree with the man made global warming hysteria for a multitude of reasons, one being the fact that other planets in the solar system are experiencing the same trend. Anyway on the issue of cell towers there is real science that clearly demonstrates the effect on non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation. Studies have also shown increased rates of cancer in close proximity to such sites. Such radiation can interfere with gene sequencing during cell division. People need to be informed properly to make informed decisions.It’s not about being a ludite, anti-progress or any other thought-stopping label. It is about deciding what comes first, the health of communities, or their ability to communicate via cellphone. Surely a healthy compromise can be reached.

    • Witzcowitz
    • April 8th, 2010

    Blatant hypocrisy is alive, well in Surfdale it seems. To complain about the radiation from a cellphone tower to be built tens of metres away from her property and then place an operating cellphone against the side of her head only millimetres away from her brain, Vicky Webb demonstrates a total lack of logical thinking. Admittedly the cellphone is radiating into her head for a very short time compared to the almost continuous operation of the cell base, but the energy density (watts/sq cm) more than makes up for any difference, in fact the intensity difference is huge due to the inverse square law which EMR obeys. The same applies to cordless phones of course, often being held against the user’s head for much longer periods. Protest signs outside the Surfdale hypocrits’ homes say children absorb twice as much EMR as adults. Another falsehood. Children are just as wet internally as adults, yet volumetrically are much smaller, therefore children absorb radiation in reduced proportion to adults. The potential damage at chromosome level may or may not be greater, but absorption is proportionally less. Looks like the crazy hypocrisy shown by ignorant parents will be continuing on Waiheke, and let’s be honest, in many other towns and around schools, for a long time yet.

  4. garden sheds can provide comfort specially in the hot
    summer months :’,

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