An election on ‘trust’

Just in case you were wondering how out of touch politicians can get…

Helen Clark announced the election date last week, and claimed that the election would be fought on “trust”…

Miss Clark used her announcement at the Beehive this afternoon to contrast Labour and National, saying the election would be about which party deserved the trust of voters.

riiiighhht, so then we get this photo of her beside one of Labour’s new bill boards. And for those of you who didn’t know who that is on the bill board, it’s none other than Helen Clark, who is also leaning on the fence in front of the bill board (no it isn’t the bloke who just erected the bill board). And this is the same person who wants to talk to us about trust.

That doesn’t look anything like her, it’s been photoshopped beyond recognition. If she can’t even provide us with an honest photo, how the hell can she claim the election is about “trust“?

Just in case you can’t see that photo clearly, here’s one fresh of Labour’s web site. God only knows what the new branding is meant to be about, is it a flower? a four leaf clover? why is there a kiwi there, are they worried we might get it confused with something else? what’s the recycle logo for, are we all about the be recycled? What was wrong with the old brand, it was unmistakable, now it’s just messy and confusing, fascinating to know who was responsible for that piece of branding.

  1. February 24th, 2009

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