Dragging MP’s reputations lower

Labour, and now with their connivance, the one man band party (whose name I forget) run by Jim Anderton, have been releasing bits of National’s policies for them, most recently their health policy

While this obviously raises questions about National’s ability to manage important information, if you take John Key’s word that it was miss laid, this means that someone found it and gave it to Labour. They know it doesn’t belong to them, but they are going to use it to get some political mileage.

MP’s are pretty much right down the stakes in public estimation, way down there with used car salesmen, but you’d think that the government would feel a bit of responsibility to behave with some ethics. 

In the real world I could go to prison for using a document in such a way. This is no different from insider trading or stealing information from a company and using it to gain a competitive advantage, these are not just ethical issues, but legal ones. Parliament has become like a school yard, not only do they think they are above the ethical and moral standards that most members of society adhere too, but they also now seem to think they are above the law.

God help us if we all started behaving like this, society wouldn’t be a very pleasant place to live in. It’s ironic that a socialist government that harps on about ethics and morals and tells us how to behave – where we can buy alcohol from, whether we can smack our kids etc – chooses to set it’s own unique moral code when it comes it it’s behaviour. Fine example!

Government MP’s seem to think this is all a bit of a joke and that somehow it reflects badly on National. They are so out of touch as this says more about the members of this government than it says about National. Do we really want hypocritical people with no morals or ethics running the country for us?

As if we didn’t need any more confirmation that this government has totally lost it moral compass!

  1. Hustory has shown us that those who preach most about morals and values have the least. Perhaps it is a way of defelecting attention from those with most to lose if discovered?

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