Owen Glenn for ACT?

My pick for the as-yet-unfilled position of number five on the ACT party list is…

Owen Glenn

Why, well firstly based on this comment in the NZ Herald;

“I would have thought our MPs would behave in a better manner all round. They should be running the country. I think New Zealanders have a right to be better represented.”

And then the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Clark has been bloody rude to him, unforgivably rude, Winston ditto. I can’t imagine someone like Glenn would have been too impressed, and it wouldn’t be inconceivable that he would bare a bit of a grudge against them.

Number five is high enough to warrant attention, but just low enough not to get into Parliament, as I would imagine he would have enough to worry about with his businesses.

But boy would he and ACT be able to have some fun during the election, the guy who financed Labour standing for ACT. This would bring back some life to ACT which would further cement their credentials as a maverick party based on principals, and Glenn would be able to talk about Labour’s principals from first hand experience.

ACT could claim they left the spot open and then Glenn approached them, he’s already given a lot of money back to NZ via the Auckland University, so he could claim to want to make the ultimate donation and stand for public office.

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