Ticket ‘master’

I registered with Frontier Touring last week so I could get in early to buy tickets for Kylie Minogue and they went on ‘pre-sale’ this morning.

The whole idea of pre-sale seems a bit odd. If all you have to do is take 30 seconds to register online with Ticketmaster, and assuming most people would buy tickets online, then it hardly qualifies for a pre-sale, it’s really just ‘tickets on sale’.

I hope to hell the seats were the premium ones available because I’ll be mighty pissed if they have better ones on Monday!

Ticketmaster have developed a convoluted method of buying tickets, you get a couple of drop down boxes to select what price you will stomach (anyone remember when tickets for these events cost $40-60?) then type in some words as part of the spam blocker, then a computer program randomly selects your seats, and no, not a selection of options, but the number of seats you selected, you then have to work out from a rough floor plan where these seats are and whether you want them.

In this day and age this is bollocks. Surely any 19 year old programmer could come up with a piece ticket selling software that would allow you to select your own seat? I fail to see how them randomly assigning you a seat is a good thing for me the customer. It’s bloody irritating because what I really want to know is what seats are left, and which are the best ones and then I should be allowed to choose them myself. 

Village cinemas have software to do this, and it prevents you from leaving a gap between you and the next seat. If it’s good enough for an $18 movie ticket, then it’s good enough for $150 concert ticket!

I printed out the seat layout of the Vector Arena which give you a rough idea of the seating, but the seats I reckoned were the ideal seats weren’t available and I was in at 9:00am on the dot so they can’t have sold that quickly. It makes me wonder whether the arena is going to be laid out differently, or those seats are pre-pre-sold or being kept for later.

I would give Ticketmaster’s purchasing software a big thumbs down.

It’s 2008 people, I should be able to pick my own seats (I’m a grown up) online.

If Tickemaster can allow me to print out my own ticket and relieve me of hundreds of dollars, they can allow me to pick my own seat.

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