Our cat likes Jimbo’s

Not to be confused with the US based organic store the Jimbo’s I’m talking about is the NZ based purveyor of pet food. To be honest I think Jimbo’s is more suited to a pet food than an organics business.

Now I admit I had been resisting Jimbo’s because of their excruciating radio advertising, it took me a while to work out actually what they were advertising, I mean what was all that shit with people tooting their car horns? This is pet food folks, and the connection with Aucklanders stuck in traffic is???? Then again maybe they think there is a connection, was it meant to be funny? was there innuendo in there? WTF, I couldn’t work it out, I was confused and irritated so I stayed away from it. 

It might have been better if I had stayed away, because it’s turned one of our cats (the one training to be a Sumo Wrestler) into an annoying beast. 

It is now dawning on us what Jimbo’s mean by ‘irresitable’, this stuff is like the cat world equivalent to crack cocaine. Any time anyone heads for the fridge there’s the drumming of little feet as he comes charging across the kitchen… Christ mate, it’s 2am, I’m going for a pee not coming out to feed your face!

If one of the local horses is found ripped to shreds we will have Jimbo’s to blame because basically this cat food is just pure meat, and the one we’ve been getting is horse meat. Possibly it brings out the Big Cat buried deep within our ‘festively plump’ feline, and he pictures himself charging across the velt in pursuit of a wildebeest. At the moment the only charging he is doing is across the kitchen and under our feet, head butting out ankles and making plaintive mewing noises like we haven’t been feeding him for… a few hours.

Anyway, if your cat more likely to think of themselves as a big game hunter rather than chasing a pressed chunk of meat flavoured cereal by product around, then ditch the TVP (textured vegetable protein – Soy in plain language) cereal fillers and all the other odd stuff that seems to get put into cat food, I suspect that a lot of pet food is in fact marketed towards the owners, stupid little bits of something spongy in gravy, cats wouldn’t eat silly stuff like that is the wild. Grab a little punnet of Jimbo’s at the supermarket, you’ll be harassed every time you get near the kitchen, but your cat will thank you and apparently raw meat is better for their teeth. 

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