Great White

Macs have been putting out some interesting beers recently, one of the more recent being the ‘Great White’.

For those of you still drinking ‘lager’ you are missing out on a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around fizzy canned crap.

Macs don’t put any preservatives in their beer, preservative 202 being a sulphate that some people (including me) get an allergic reaction to that blocks up the sinuses. This leads to nasty headaches the next day and comments about not being able to handle a few drinks. Why beer and wine brewers (the Aussies seem to think this ingredient is compulsory) put preservatives in their alcohol is beyond me. It perhaps shows lack of confidence in the level of consumption of their product – if it isn’t going to be drunk in six months then surely they have a serious problem with the markets attitude to their product?

Being able to have a couple of beers with dinner without having a cracking headache and blocked nose the next day would be nice, and it is a relatively common complaint. Beer never used to have preservatives in it, it didn’t need to have a shelf life of three years. Finally some companies are waking up to this, Macs being one of them.

If you have never tried ‘Witbier’ or White Beer -then here’s a chance to try something that isn’t lager. Wheat beer is brewed in the bottle and so there is a little bit of sediment in the bottom that you need to swirl around and pour into the glass. Wheat Beer is light, clean and refreshing, slightly sweeter than Lager although that is probably the wrong description and it shouldn’t put you off. Neither should the ‘tasting notes’ on the back of the bottle which are obviously a bit of a piss take, but which some people might take seriously and Macs might just be a bit too clever here with their marketing – it doesn’t taste like bubblegum!

The only downside is the bottle and a bit small, because this beer is so easy to drink you’ll find one isn’t enough. This beer doesn’t have to be chugged back with blackened BBQ, it goes well with white meat dishes and isn’t too bad with curry although that kills the taste a bit.

It’s a nice one after you’ve spent the afternoon in the garden, poured into a chilled glass with some bread and cheese and things like those massive olives from Australia, it goes down a treat!

Most supermarkets have it at about $14-15 a half dozen, although every week there seem to be promos on so you can pick it up cheaper. It’s as good as any of the the native German wheat beers which are about twice the price.

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