‘Wonderful’ Chinese Olympics

Well, the Olympics just gets better, aside from the cheating China has reneged on it’s word that the Olympics would bring change and freedom… Clearly the Chinese Communist Regime has an interesting interpretation of ‘freedom’.

In a sign that should reassure all those that fell for China and said they were going to be different, Chinese Police in Beijing have sentenced two women in the 70’s to a reeducation camp.

These women’s crime?

They had requested permission to protest at the designated protest areas because they claimed they had not been given fair compensation for their properties that were taken from them by the Regime to build flash venues for the Olympics.

They hadn’t actually got to protest, they merely asked for permission.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics, I guess those in the west who have been apologists for the Communist Regime are safe in the knowledge that their grandmothers won’t be packed of to reeducation camp because they object to having their properties taken from them for a pittance.

For me the whole farce is tainted by the complete lack of respect for Chinese Citizens rights, even very basic rights that we in the ‘west’ wouldn’t think twice about. All the new buildings and facilities have been build on the backs and blood of Chinese citizens. If people think that is what the Olympics is about and if people in democracies can ignore the flagrant abuse of people human rights all in the name of a sporting event, then we’re all screwed

To get the full story (it gets better, one of them is blind and they both need walking sticks) go here.

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