Boobs on Bikes – II

That’s ‘II’ as in part two…

Listening to various opponents having a wee rant about Steve Crow’s marketing pitch, made me realise that it now has got political and has moved beyond a publicity stunt.

Steve could claim it was about freedom of expression, but until Politicians got involved and tried to ban the event of moral grounds, that was a hollow claim.

The second a politician stood up along with various other self appointed moral guardians, and said that the event was immoral and should be stopped on that basis, it became about freedom of expression. If the Council and politicians had argued that it was no different from an unlicensed billboard, then the outcome could have been different. A smarted approach would have been a balanced bylaw about commercial advertising masquerading as a public event. Obviously the downside would have been that it would have to be applied evenly and the Santa Parade (plenty of advertising there) would have had some restrictions placed on it… and then once again nanny state is interfering in people having a bit of fun.

Morality is a hugely subjective issue and invariably becomes a political circus. 

Steve Crow knows this, and has used it to full effect. Boobs on Bikes opponents are not so smart, they should have stuck to the obvious commercial angle and ignored the moral one, by going down the moral/political path they have allowed Steve to play the ‘freedom of expression’ card because now it is a freedom of expression issue because politicians are trying to restrict somebody doing something, and therefore they can claim to be making a statement about morality… the show will go on.

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