Fake Olympics

In keeping with the farce the Olympics usually are, a silly combination of nationalist pride and drug cheats, China has successfully taken the Olympics to a whole new level.

It was always the communist regimes aim to use this as a ‘coming out’ event and an attempt to show the world that China has ‘made it’. Quite where they’ve made it too is now becoming apparent.

Far from showing that the country is speaking in one voice as the ‘leaders’ demand everyone does, the past year has shown that in fact China is deeply divided.

Tibet isn’t part of China, and it’s citizens have demonstrated this pretty clearly, neither are the citizens of Xinjiang Provence rapt about being part of the communist parties one nation dream, as they are clearly demonstrating now. Displaced citizens of Beijing have been silenced, as were the thousands of people demanding answers to the questions raised by the high death toll of children in earthquake.

What’s striking is in fact how little control the regime actually has. After 1989 the regime has concentrated on distracting disgruntled citizens with personal wealth. But as more sophisticated governments in democracies know, this doesn’t usually cut it long term. Plenty of democratically elected governments get booted out because citizens feel annoyed, even if their material wealth has improved.

If this superficial control of Chinese citizens fails, then the regime is in deep trouble because they can’t hope to control such a vast country by force.

The Olympics have proven a useful distraction for the Chinese. A chance for everyone to bang on about feeling national pride and as is so often robotically repeated “show the world that we are an important nation” or more bluntly “China is great”.

The cracks are already starting to show with empty stands of events supposedly sold out, being filled with volunteers. It looks good to be able to claim events are sold out I guess, but clearly whoever decided that would be a smart idea didn’t think it through. Neither are they thinking when they fill the empty stands with people all dressed the same. The ‘faking’ of the opening ceremony firework footage and the dubbed singing because the little girl who could actually sing wasn’t ascetically pleasing, and the inevitable drug taking that will be going on (mostly undetected as I’m sure a pile of resources has been chucked in by the regime to ensure it won’t be detected) all combine to give you a pretty good picture of the state of things in China.

The empty stands say a lot. Frankly the rest of the world has got other things to worry about and the Olympics are a colourful by meaningless side show, it catches you attention for a few minutes but there is little to hold the attention for the entire performance.

In a weeks time it will be all over. The stadiums will stand empty, and China will be the same as it was before the billions of dollars were spent, families displaced without compensation, historical sites bulldozed and all the flash building (that will be dated and falling to bits in a few years time) put up. People’s behaviour and attitudes will be unchanged both in China and the rest of the world. Chinese people who do have access to views of the outside world (rather than the one that the regime wants them to see) will realise that all those billions of Yuan haven’t bought respect of admiration and may ask what the point of it was.

These Olympics are like a fake Louis Vuitton hand bag. It might look the part, but it won’t give you the same thrill. When people realise it’s not real you look like a twat, and consequentially it has none of the kudos or desired impact on third parties. Then when it falls to bits in a few months you realise that really it was a pointless exercise in the first place.

  1. i dont know what the hell you just wrote here. i dont care either cause i am still angry at YOUR tv reporter Veitch who I think needs to be taught a lesson for kicking a woman while on the ground and in the back and breaking her back. In Texas – where I live – a man like Veitch would find himself on the receiving end of a fat black c*c k in one of our nicely built federal penitentiaries (that is if he made it there alive – you see in Texas (apparently unlike the chivalrous country of NZ) the “cowboys” here would happily pop a cap in that bitch). Because defending yourself, other people around you, or your property is serious business.

    However, that is for a different post…

    My contribution to this post is simply to ask a question regarding the Olympics.

    Is it purely coincidence or bad luck that:

    – the Greek weighlifting team (11 members of the team) were disqualified for banned substances which were traced to supplements made in China and shipped direct to the team.
    – the Australian rowing team suspiciously discovered that their rudder had been jammed forcing them to veer into another lane and almost collide with another boat.
    – one of the family members to a team or coach or whatever was stabbed by a “unemployed loner”.
    – Spanish team disqualified…

    It just seems weird to me that the teams who are favored most also seem most likely to run into a weird freak accident (in the case of the rudder jamming ) or testing positive…

    Oh and dont believe me, read for yourself:



  2. So sorry to be posting again immediately afterwards but I am just so fired up about NZ reaction to the attempted murder of a woman – yes objectively I would classify kicking a woman in the back and breaking it while she lies on the floor as attempted murder – here is this gimp like character that looks like an equal mix of hitler and walrus (George Garth)


    apparently he feels that the media has been too harsh on Tony Veitch!

    well maybe he should ask himself why the media is doing the policeman’s job because Veitch should be tried for attempted murder or if that is too hard to prove then he should be tried for assault with intent to cause grevious bodily harm. whatever the case may be – my opinion (for whatever it is worth) is that Tony Veitch the scumbag of New Zealand should pay for his crimes by 1. public humiliation (not quite there yet), 2. restitution (not quite there yet either) 3. hard time in jail (for committing a crime against a defenseless woman) and 4. civil repercussions as a member of the public media (lose his job, go to australia or new guinea and rot under a rock).

    See that type of treatment would send a message that kicking a woman in the back – EVEN IF SHE ASKS FOR IT BY GETTING LIPPY – is NOT ok in New Zealand.

    Instead the confusing message this dog has given the country is that SOMETIMES it will be ok to kick a woman in her back and break it in four places. Apparently, according to the NZ police force (of which I am undoubtedly ashamed) and this scumbag specifically there are times in which kicking a woman in the back and breaking it in four places will be ok – or if not will be accepted in our society.

    THIS IS THE WRONG MESSAGE. make an example of this scumbag. let him serve 5-10 years in prison and then he can write a book about his rehabilitation. how about that for justice?

    PS: consumeist if you wanna repost this comment in the correct location by all means please feel free to move my words from page to page.


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