Obama selects running mate

In a dramatic turn, US Presidential Race hopeful Barack Obama has sent the press corps to new heights of ecstasy by announcing at a packed press conference that he is getting Korean cloning company RNL Bio to produce an identical clone as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Now that John Edwards has crashed and burned after admitting to lying (a shocking thing for any politician) Obama had few options left to him. After long discussions with his team it was decided that the best thing for the American people was to offer a dream team, Obama & Obama.

This will allow the voters to have double the ‘audacity of hope’ and double the ‘change’. It will also allow the campaign to double the amount of funds raised from big business $5 on line donations, and double the amount of rallies that can be held in key swing States. 

It will also address the concerns of black voters that he isn’t black enough, as if there is two Obama’s he will be twice as black.

Once the press corp has picked themselves off the floor and wiped the drool off their chins they scurried off to pen yet more fawning columns on the rising star and hope of Liberal Americans and the gullible citizens of the world, and how Obama and his clone are going to ‘change’ everything for the better for the planet earth and the surrounding universe.

Further Breaking News; Obama’s secret shares in NZ Jandal Factory.

Next week; Obama clone stands for EU Presidency after Blair drops out.

  1. Thanks for your informative blog post!

    Here is why I oppose Obama.

    Obama SUPPORTS The US Paying a “Global Tax”
    Obama OPPOSES Traditional Marriage
    Obama SUPPORTS Partial-Birth Abortion
    Obama OPPOSES Domestic Oil Production (or did he just flip to McCain’s position on that?)
    Obama SUPPORTS Doubling the Capital Gains Tax

    It’s ALL true…research it…or see for yourself at http://DiscoverObama.com

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