Blackberry 9000 update, update


Well surprise surprise the Blackberry 9000 AKA Bold didn’t appear today, “the end of the month”…. grrrr. Apparently it is being tested with the “Corporate Team” my source expressed dismay at how long Vodafone NZ take to access these products, what the hell could they be assessing, it’s not like Vodafone NZ are going to find anything that hasn’t already been found overseas, just get on and release the phone already!

I am now veering towards the iphone had another demo today from someone who could demonstrate why the functions would be useful for business.

I have been told by someone who would probably know what they are talking about that the Blackberry Bold aka Blackberry 9000 is due here around mid August, apparently the 15th.

I’m not sure how seriously to take this as staff have been pretty consistent that if it was going to be released they usually know a month out. On the other hand I suspect this handset will be a reasonably big deal, it being the first 3G offering of what is arguably the most popular business tool on the planet. So they may be keeping it quiet.

Telstra Australia already has the handset listed on online and it will be available by the end of the month in Australia, so conceivably that would tie in with a NZ release. The last thing Vodafone would want is a whole bunch turning up on trademe!

I was surprised that in two Vodafone stores salespeople recommended against the iphone as a Blackberry replacement saying it wouldn’t do the things (like push email) that a Blackberry does. There was also the shortage of battery life (and that you couldn’t carry a spare battery) and there are currently no ‘off the shelf’ car chargers available. Still it is a nice package although I still have reservations about the ‘virtual’ keyboard.

I suspect like some people have said that the next iphone to come out will be vastly improved and that also the 3G network will have improved here by that time and it may be a viable alternative to a Blackberry. An iphone without 3G access is a bit like living way out in the countryside with metal roads and owning a Ferrari.

As soon as my source provides an actual release date for the Blackberry 9000 I’ll have it up here.

    • Tajinder Talwar
    • September 8th, 2008

    I have just got the Blackberry 9000 today, i got it on a rite good deal with orange.
    I went threw a reseller i ended up getting half price line rental for 5 months.

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