Are these two by any chance related?

Herald online - Ms Glucina


I feel compelled to point out this glaring piece of Photoshop work because the NZ Herald is a major New Zealand newspaper and because Ms Glucina is not shy about getting stuck into people’s appearances in her role as a gossip columnist.


Somebody left a Herald on Sunday lying around at work and I discovered that there is a whole ‘section’ devoted to Rachel’s (big thumbs down for silly spelling of name) musings on the local faux celebrity scene.


Judge for yourself (sorry the online imagine from Herald above is tiny).


Now I’m not being intentionally bitchy, but the picture on the right is the first picture you will get (today) on a Google image search, there are also a number of photos there that clearly are of the person below, but not obviously the person pictured on the right. If you grab a print copy of the Herald on Sunday you can avail yourself of a much larger photo of Ms Glucina.


This kind of exuberant photo shopping is a bit naughty. She hasn’t just done a bit of improvement of skin colour, air brushed out a few wrinkles and used a flattering angle, she done a major nip and tuck. The Herald ‘photo’ has a completely different (arguably more flattering) face shape… and if you take this photograph below you’ll see that the body shape above is, um, a tad inaccurate!


Photo apparently of Ms Glucina - Whaleoil Blog

I’m not going to comment on the journalistic quality of the column or blog, but I think given this is the NZ Herald they need to sort out the photo shopping. I’m sure you can get a flattering photo without the blatant hack and paste that going on the current banner photographs!








Spy Blog – Herald online

Google image search – Rachel Glucina

Whaleoil Blog


Sorry about all the pinks and purples!

    • Penelope
    • July 28th, 2009

    lol thats why they call her Rachel “porkchop’ Glucina teehee

    • Bob
    • March 7th, 2010

    The VPL put me off my dinner *puke*.

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