Bloody HP printers!

I don’t seem to have much luck with HP products, and I must be a bit thick because I have just bought my third printer and have had to return it already.

This evening I decided to unpack and set up the replacement, I got given a new one because the original one kept chewing up paper. This was the problem I had with the previous HP printer, and the one before that (which was a replacement one), in fact every time I have bought an HP printer I have had it replaced within  three months.

Well everything went well until this message kept appearing that one of the ink cartridges wouldn’t work, I tried the shut-it-down-and-restart trick, but this didn’t work, it helpfully suggested “referring to the documentation that came with the printer” unfortunately whoever programed the printer to say this must have had a twisted sense of humour, because there was nothing I could fine in the manual about what to do when the ink cartridges were not working. Then it started saying the cartridge door wasn’t shut… it bloody well was, and at this point my blood pressure was up and I was considering using a nail gun to ensure the cartridge door was shut properly!

By this time I was stressed about the whole thing and ready to hurl it out the window. I’m a great believer in plug’n’play, I guess this comes from being a Mac user, but if you can’t plug it in and get it working within 30 minutes it’s going to give you grief because the muppet that designed it probably worked for Microsoft at some point.

Then it said ALL the printer cartriges needed to be replaced because they were faulty… I haven’t even printed anything yet!

HP have wasted hours of my time because I had to take it back to the Harvey Norman branch where I got it and was subjected to off hand behaviour by some disinterested spotty teenage boy. I noticed that on the Service Request docket this bright young lad brimming with potential had written “keeps crapping the paper”… maybe I shouldn’t be shopping at Harvey Normans.

I figured I wasn’t going to waste anymore time trying to coax some life out of a lump of plastic when it was so obviously a pile of rubbish thrown together with the aim of selling me over engineered printer cartridges.

I’m taking it back and will get a refund and get something else.

I have no idea what it will be but I swear I will never buy another HP device in my life!

In case you were interested, it’s a ‘all in one’ series C7200. It wasn’t cheap, $518 dollars because it does everything from faxing to printing… well actually it doesn’t do any of those because it doesn’t work, but if it did work, it might be able to fax, print and scan.

  1. Maybe I should have been here in summer when it rocks the ink cartridges off. Going to the ink cartridges tonight. Or took it calm back the original one.

  2. I would look at either the Canon line of AIO. I agree if it doesn’t work in less than 20 minutes for me, it is a waste of time. I haven’t heard of much trouble with the HP Officejet Pro L7000 series, maybe want to look at those, if you wanted to give HP another chance.

    If not, I have the Canon Pixma MP830 and love it.

  3. Mind if I borrow our ‘HP Sucks’ logo? Brilliant. I could make one myself, but I’m -that- lazy.

    Owned my Pro B8850 for less than 24 hours and was already online with tech support. Having printed only 7 images, plus the 3 test pages the printer spit out during setup, the printer was already telling me that 1 of the 8 ink cartridges was out of ink. You wouldn’t believe the load of BS the tech support n00bs tried to feed me. In the end, they refused to replace the cartridge, so I’m sending this piece of crap back. The beast is noisy and slow and the paper feed tray was crap.

    If you’re interested in a good laugh, here’s the log of my conversation with tech support.

    • Coby
    • March 30th, 2010

    I also suggest Canon (after 3 HP’s myself). Literal Plug-and-Play and never had a problem.

      • J.Godwin Joseph
      • May 21st, 2010

      hey this guy is mad to balme HP, its the best in the world in printing.. just ask any one.. and u bluffer.. watever u say we have millions of happy customers sir.. so shut up… we all know HP is awesome !!1

    • nothing
    • April 7th, 2010

    I have recently bought an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and it works perfectly fine. It is running so smoothly without any errors or problems. I even have a friend who relies on HP for their printers. Suppose you people didn’t read any form of manual?

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