King of Shaves ‘AZOR’

hopefully coming to a store near you 2009

I blogged previously about the lamentable lack of what I would argue are the best shaving products around in New Zealand.

Adding to that misery there is now another product we won’t be able to try here [update – until 2009 see comments], KOS have launched a razor (called AZOR). This is pretty ballsy of them and I see they are describing the marketing push as asymmetrical. Given the sheer amount of cash the likes of Gillette spend on marketing that’s a bit of an understatement!

The prices seem pretty competitive. In the UK a handle and  3 blades costs GBP4.49 or NZ$12, compare this to a Gillette Fusion handle and two blades $15.97. The replacement blades are $23.14 for 8 blades compared to Gillette’s eye watering $23.72 for only 4 blades… ouch!

There have been some good independent reviews of this razor and it would be good to try one, so if I can get my hands on one I’ll write a review.

We are struggling with a decent range of products here so I’m not holding my breath on actually seeing the blades here. 

I reccomend trying what products are available (see previous post) they are so much better, remember if you change a product often the first few days are a bit raw as you face gets used to the change, but I swear you’ll be better off long term… and if you are already using these products start hassling your retailers to carry the range. 


I have been told by the Australasian agent that the AZOR is due out early next year. It also looks like Mr King himself is possibly due to visit down under so maybe that will coincide with the launch.

You can buy the products online at, but obviously the best thing would be to hassle the hell out of you retailer and get them to carry a better range of these products!

If you want to check out the full range go to and also

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the positive comments on your blog. I and my business partner basically handles all the KOS business in NZ and Australia. Its been a tuff gig but over the years we have been able to build up a loyal customer base and knock aroudn the major players a bit.

    Like to confirm that the Azor will be launching in NZ in January 2009. We would like to get it in earlier but thats highly unlikely that we can get ranging outside of review time with the major supermarket chains. This will also hopefully drive increased ranging of our software as well.

    The Azor razor will deliver a closer shave for longer for less. We will of course not have the marketing budgets of the 2 big players but these days you can do some great things that don’t cost a lot and if you have a great product that gives the consumer good value for money – the individual will drive some of the awareness.

    Paul Irwin

  2. Hiya,

    You may not be able to get it in stores yet, but you can buy online at Postage cost is standard Royal Mail airmail – no mark ups!!

  3. hi – bit of luck, you’ll have one of these black & white beauties before the year’s out. after all, with you guys playing in black & white national team strips, how could we not bring the Azor to you. visit for details, on the NZ page…

    Will King

  4. It’s about time I got back to NZ again after the America’s Cup visit in 2003, so look out for the ‘King’ visiting in early 2009… It’s time to shave better, longer, for less – and in style too – check out shortly.

  5. quite great

  6. we are hoping the Azor will launch in NZ later this year, with the Azor Gel following shortly after. demand has been huge in the UK, sort of like the apple iPhone 3G (but obviously, not quite as cool) but we’re working hard to get product to our NZ partners, who’ve been with us with KoS since 1997… best wk

    • Wael Shoukry
    • November 13th, 2008

    Hi, the Azor is now in NZ! I bought it last night from Pak n Save Albany, Auckland, and I have had my first ‘close’ shave with it this morning. Well, Mr. King, let me tell you that you’ve created an EXCELLENT product! The rubber hinges did actually give a positive push of the shaver head to the face yet without being harsh at all. It took a minute or so to get used to the new design style, but it was actually an enjoyable experience. As for the result, well, let’s just say I’ve been running the back of my hand against my chin since I got into the office.. it’s the closest and most comfortable shave I’ve had! I’m so happy with your product that I will write a review of it on your site when I get home tonight, and even throw in a few marketing ideas.

  7. Hi Wael, delighted to hear you enjoyed shaving “closer, longer, for less”, many thanks. The guys and I are open to hearing your ideas, and you can get hold of us via – send me an email. Many thanks!

  8. Just in case anyone reading this thinks about buying the new King of Shaves products – maybe think twice – this was my feedback to them having tried the new stuff:

    I recently bought one of your more expensive products – axor in the white tube.
    I will not be buying it again and I thought you might like to hear the reason that someone loyal to your products isn’t impressed:
    150ml rather than 175ml but it looks the same size – clever/impressive? No.
    Bigger dispensing hole – clever/impressive? No.
    Watered down product – clever/impressive? No.
    The bean counters obviously won with this new product but I don’t think it’ll win you much respect or many customers.

  9. Heh I am literally the only reply to this awesome read?!

  1. July 31st, 2008

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