The rise in petrol and food prices have provided the media with plenty of filler coverage, all they need to do is find someone with a tale of struggle and tough times and they have filled another 10 seconds of so called ‘news’.

It’s all a load of bollocks really, people being all sanctimonious about buying seasonal produce and making “healthy stews” rather than stuffing themselves with imported “un healthy food”. If New Zealanders did this a bit more they wouldn’t find themselves in so much debt as we are all still living beyond our means with record credit card debt and mortgages that people will be handing down to their kids still unpaid.

The way everyone is going on you’d think they were stuck in WW2 Britain with rationing in place. Maybe it’s about time people actually took a hard look at their food bills and what they are consuming because all those pre made foods are costing a fortune, what’s wrong with drinking tap water vs coke? I don’t care about the health benefits, it should be a financial choice. NZ is not a rich country by any means and the sense of first world entitlement runs strong here, hence beneficiaries demanding things like TV’s, a completely non essential item!

It’s actually a good thing food prices are up and hopefully some of this will be flowing back into the pockets of the producers rather than into the supermarket’s coffers. Producers have been struggling for a while as the duopoly that operates here with supermarkets has slowly screwed them into the ground expecting more and more in compliance costs and offering reducing returns as a rewards – all the risk but none of the returns.

Inputs for produce are rapidly increasing – petroleum based products from plastic, fuel and fertilizer are all major inputs and there is no way growers can keep absorbing these costs so the supermarkets can maintain their high margins on fresh produce.

So just think about this next time you buy some local seasonal produce, not only are you doing a bit of timely budgeting but you are also helping the horticultural industry survive!

    • hungrybritain
    • August 8th, 2008

    With the current uncertainties with food prices there is a greater need for us to conserve and be increasingly economical about food consumption at home. We have become wasteful as consumers of food and have never really had a need to feel otherwise before this crisis started. Blaming the rampant consumerism of the supermarkets has now irrelevant in this discussion. The situation now is that if we don’t change our food habits this situation could easily escalate completely out of control. The responsibility is now on us all to change our food buying and food consuming habits.
    Simple food saving tips are things we need to get used to and practice more regularly. Most of these are common sense and can be quite creative. You can find a list of free food saving tips at sites such as http://www.foodcrisis.co.uk amongst other similar sites as well.
    We all need to contribute to a fairer and more food wise program for ourselves.

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