One poll National can afford to ignore

National is under mounting pressure to start rolling out substantive policy soon as a new poll suggests rising impatience with its refusal to show its hand too early.The Fairfax Media-Nielsen survey found 55 per cent of voters want to see policy from National now, against 35 per cent who are happy to wait.

National has learnt something from last election. If were running the show I’d be studiously ignoring any calls that rushed them into releasing policy this far out from the election. The fact that Labour is getting shriller about this issue shows that it is hurting them. labour probably thought it was going to be able to run a repeat of last election, incredibly this appears to be plan A, B and C.

It’s a bit surprising that the public have such short memories, we only have a three year term so it wasn’t that long ago!

Whether you agree with National’s policies or not, clearly the ‘slow burning fuse’ is a much better strategy.

Last election Labour systematically scare mongered on the policy that they could and adopted the rest. When you’re dealing with such a ‘fexible’ opponent the best strategy would be to keep your powder dry.

Labour tactic now seems to be to try and persuade the public to put the pressure on National so they can run a repeat of last election. Key and the new crew seemed determined to run their campaign to their timetable, not Labours. So far Labour don’t seem to have released any policy and their entire campaign seems to be built on personal attacks on Key and blowing huge amounts of our taxes on re nationalising sectors of the economy.

In any case, with Labour in it’s current state I suspect National figures that if you give them enough rope, they’ll end up hanging themselves.

  1. July 21st, 2008
  2. July 22nd, 2008

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