Vodafone spins it a bit far

Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen would not reveal exactly how many handsets were sold, but said it was “in the thousands”…A delay was expected between when the stock ran out and when Vodafone was able to resupply the iphone, but Brislen says a “surprise shipment” has arrived and shop shelves are now being replenished to meet strong demand.


Oh come on, are Vodafone seriously saying that their inventory management is so poor that they totally forgot about a mystery ‘surprise shipment’ of iphones?

Hey Paul, you aren’t dealing with a bunch of extremely rich 5 year olds here so spinning us a line about unexpected shipments of mobile phones isn’t going to impress anyone very much.

Vodafone are on a slippery slope here, guys, stop treating your customers like morons!

Update: I see they actually appeared to have paid the guy who supposedly camped out for an iphone, so not only do they BS the public, make prepay customers pay for customer service with a seperate fee, but they also have a very bad inventory system for iphones… they seem to have lost direction.

For further posts on Vodafone’s exploits click here, here and here (not that I have it in for Vodafone… much)

  1. Vodafone may well have sold in the thousands: an analyst at Piper Jaffray put the figure at about 3,000 units sold over the opening weekend.

    But yes – “surprise” seems like really blatant spin to me…

  2. For every sale, someone at the Big V writes a 1 on a post-it. Unfortunately they ran out of post-its, so noone really knows the figures, the guy who was meant to order more spent all day on the phone leaning against the big glass windows at the Vnue building instead, oops.

    This sales orders/inventory system cost them $29m. If they had spent another mill or two, they’d have got extra post-its. Fools.

    I am in total loathe with Vf after they tried to charge me extra just to call their customer services centre. I’m getting sick of giving free customer service consultancy to these corporates who should really know better.

  3. LOL you have to suspend belief right?

    It’s even worse that they appeared to pay the guy that ‘camped out’ for an iphone – it now appears that this was a put up. If they can BS us like that then it clearly means they wouldn’t go past fibbing about their piss poor inventory management.

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