Hezbollah are scum

“The leader of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has personally welcomed home five militants freed by Israel.


I've two words for civilised people, up yours!

The man on the left is Samir Quntar who shot a man dead and then beat the victim’s four year old child to death with his rifle butt. The victim’s wife was hiding in the closet with their other child whom she accidentally suffocated in a effort to stop her crying out.

In a questionable swap the Israeli’s exchanged two dead soldiers for this man and some other militants. On his return to Lebanon Samir Quntar was feted with fire works and crowds of well wishers and the leader of Hezbollah was on hand to welcome him back (on the right), he is reported as saying;

“I returned today from Palestine but believe me I will not return until I go back to Palestine,” Samir Quntar said. “I promise my people and dear ones in Palestine that I and my dear comrades in the valiant Islamic resistance are returning.”

Apparently bludgeoning a four year old kid to death in cold blood is “valiant” with some people, what a sad twisted world we live in!

Is there any hope for peace in the middle east when it’s citizens find cause to celebrate someone who performs such an act?

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