Dogs are animals

I’m sick of dog owners.

I reckon that about 10% of dog owners are responsible – and by responsible I mean considering how their hobby will affect the other humans around them. The rest are just inconsiderate and stupid.

Why is it that humans always project their own human traits on their pets?

“oh my dog would never hurt anyone” “she/he is part of the family and so good with the kids” “(such and such) breed is fabulous with kids and wouldn’t harm a fly” “she/he is like a human” “awwwwww isn’t she cute” I notice that usually ‘such and such’ breed was busily tearing chunks out of some small child not weeks earlier.

The other day a work-mate described their ‘sausage dog’ in terms of being a community celebrity, apparently neighbours come out of their houses to greet this deity because of its incredible personality and ability to relate with children on a human scale…


Wake up people, dogs are ANIMALS.

Animals (apart from some primates) do not reason, they are not logical. They are unpredictable, will use what they have on hand when they are annoyed or upset (or just nuts) which is their teeth. Their have evolved to hunt and kill to survive. Christ humans have enough trouble with ethical behaviour, but somehow dog owners think their dogs are imbued with personalities and abilities beyond any other animal.

I’m sure some of this rubbish is born of soppy Disney treatment of dogs, dogs that talk in cutesy movies, idiotic home movies on you-tube of peoples dogs displaying (trained) human behaviour and so on.

Despite monthly mauling people are either paralyzed by some PC concept of dog ownership or delude themselves over dogs, somehow the dogs that maul are different from their dogs – and in a very human way they blame the dogs behaviour on something else… humans, society, working seven days, anything but accept that the dog is an unpredictable animal.

Well yes, that’s right. It is our fault because we won’t accept reality and treat dags as animals and accept that they can’t reason and think about their actions.

Dogs are a bit like firearms, treated with respect and handled sensibly they don’t cause harm, in the hands of morons they kill.

We need to get real about dogs, starting with some sensible regulation of the humans that own dogs.

In all urban areas this is what needs to be done.

1/.All dog owners need to be licenced. Just like car drivers and firearms owners a dog owner needs to go through a licencing process that like firearms involves education, checks on background, and suitability of owner and facilities to care for the dog. In rural areas farmers can apply for exemptions if they are using the dogs for work and can clearly demonstrate this – farmers are in majority quite realistic about dogs and don’t have the warm fuzzies urban residents do.

2/.Dogs can only be kept at suitable dwellings so if you live in a house which has no or 5 square meters of land outside, you can’t have a dog – because there is no where for it to get exercise (which stops it from going loopy). The entire property needs to be fenced to a dog proof standard.

3/.Dogs must be on leads whenever they are in a public place no exceptions. Heavy fines imposed on those who disobey this, with a demerit point system which ultimately could involve people losing their licence and dog.

4/. Limit on how many dogs people can own and like gun licences different classes – if you want hunting dogs you facilities need to be different and if you want odd ‘more dangerous’ breeds, then a different licence again.

I would guess (and haven’t checked this) that about the same number of people get injured or killed by dogs each year as with firearms (excluding criminal acts with firearms). We have strict rules for firearms but people can keep living unpredictable animals capable of killing in their homes with the lightest of regulations.

Most urban areas are now unsuitable for dogs. Minimum property sizes don’t allow for suitable exercise areas so the dogs spend all day howling and barking. For most dog owners the novelty fast wears off and they stop walking them leading to the dogs not getting enough exercise and undertaking determined attempts to escape. Humans behaviour is not only unfair on the majority of us who don’t own dogs, and it’s also not fair on the dogs either – it’s typically human selfish behaviour.

These rules will undoubtedly mean some people can’t have dogs anymore, tough, this is going to be better for everyone else and dogs in the long run. The people who won;t be able to have dogs are the ones who impulse buy dogs without thinking about the responsibility that comes with a dog, great, it’s about time started taking responsibility for their actions.

You can’t have any exceptions to these rules, they have to be imposed in a blanket fashion regardless of breed, because allowing exceptions will see it watered down and then it won’t work properly.

If it is good enough to licence firearms owners, the Government can require Councils to run the same system for dog owners. They can afford it and it might stop Councils wasting money on silly social projects and do something that is of some benefit to rate payers. I would imagine just like every other measure taken that a small group of hysterical dog lovers will mobilise to fight such proposals.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t own dogs, but it’s not a right, it should be a privilege. Dog ownership impacts negatively on those around them (barking, howling, shitting, biting, mauling) and while a small group of dog owners are very responsible, the rest are clearly not – and the only way to deal with this is some clear rules and regulation. Sensible dog owners have nothing to fear from these suggestions as they will be doing them already.

My other suggestion is to put the rules into law, but instead of regulating them allow an addition to the Disputes Tribunal process where affected citizens can sue dog owners for up to $20,000 for each situation that a dog breaks these rules and impacts on them. This would motivate dog owners and mean that their affects on neighbours would be directly addressed.

These suggestions will no doubt be totally rejected by dog owners. We have tighter regulation of swimming pools and they don’t just randomly attack people. How many more gruesome maulings of people do we have to endure before we will act and allow common sense to prevail?

    • leplusjeune
    • July 17th, 2008

    I agree with almost all of what you say and the four recommendations you gave are already law here in most of the US.

    The sad thing is people are animals, too.

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