Miss Universe

Miss Universe doing her 'bunny impersonation'

Communist-led Vietnam spent nearly $20 million on the event, including $7 million on a new resort and convention centre to host the pageant, in a bid to promote tourism to the Southeast Asian nation.

It’s a strange world when a supposedly communist country spends $20 million on a Miss Universe Pageant. It’s not like Vietnam is a rich country I would imagine that there are a heap of far more important things to spend that money on – mind you, it’s no different from all the dosh China is spending on the Olympics when a large proportion of the population doesn’t even have proper running water and electricity!

    • peter
    • July 18th, 2008

    you’re right that it’s no different from china hosting the olympics. but while these countries are far from rich, in vietnam’s case it’s viewed as an important step forward for vietnam’s image in the global stage and a precious advertisement for its booming tourism industry. china and vietnam are two of the fastest growing economies in the world, you can easily say that the 20 million shouldn’t be spent on pageants but rather on the poor, but would you also say the money that is spent in these countries on new highrises and buildings/facilities should also first be spent on the poor. vietnam has done a great job of reducing poverty in the past 15+ years and I’m sure it knows where to allocate funds for different needs. hopefully it will show to be a wise decision in the years to come for its tourism industry as well as international image

    • consumist
    • July 18th, 2008

    Hi Peter,

    Why do either of these countries feel the need to waste millions of dollars to make a step forward with their image, are they that insecure of their achievements?

    The other issue is that none of the citizens of either country have any say in what their Government does. I don’t imagine that people here would be too chuffed about the Government coughing up $20 million for Miss Universe.

    It’s the unaccountablity that’s the issue.

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