Local ‘celeb’ fight

If you’re not into gossip and intrigue this post is not for you.

However a home grown shit fight has erupted over a supposed up and coming Auckland ‘celebrity’, a well known blogger and a part time gossip columnist from the Herald.

These days it doesn’t appear to take much to become a celeb in Auckland and it appears we are so devoid of decent celeb material that gossip columnists have to engineer them, mind you this one seemed to have been doing a bit of ‘over’ engineering… of the facts, and has been caught out.

Instead of slinking away, the wannabe celeb seems to have got her dad involved, who got a lawyer onto the bloggers hosting company in an apparent attempt to silence him. This appears to have back fired and now the story is spreading… a story of mystery and intrigue involving jaw dropping feats in Africa and South America, mercy flights in third world countries, the UN and celebrities, snipers and much much more!

Follow the ‘drama’ online as it unfolds…


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