Winston Peters miss-speak?

As delicious as it would be to see Winston caught out ‘miss-speaking’ over political donations to NZ First, anyone who thinks that this will damage him politically should think again.

NZ Firsts constituency consists of the largest group of conspiracy theorists in New Zealand, and they will see any attack on Winston as an attempt to silence him by big business, the media and his political opponents. Really it wouldn’t matter if Winston said the earth was flat, as long as everyone else rubbished him that would be confirmation enough for his supporters that he was right and that actually the whole thing was a conspiracy.

Any publicity for Winston is good publicity and all the media does by high lighting this latest incident is confirm what the other 95% of us who didn’t vote for him already knew – that he’s a bit of a joke. The 4.75% who did note NZ First represent those who like the fact that Winston makes it ‘ok’ to openly denigrate Asian immigrants and would vote for him if he ate babies for breakfast.

NZ First will probably be there again after the next election because of the combined efforts of the Winston Circus and the hard work of some of NZ First MP’s like Ron Mark. The only thing Winston could do to widen his voter base of conspiracy theorists would be to win support from ‘Hollow Man Hager’ and have him stand as an MP, thus forming the ultimate in conspiracy theorist coalition – they’d be unstoppable!

My prediction is that if this is all found to be true Winston will be able to get out of it by blaming the printers of the sign he held up at the press conference – there was a missunderstanding with the printers and they ‘miss printed’ it.

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