Bunning’s service

Because I am in the midst of on going house renovations I had the ‘pleasure’ of spending quite a bit of time in the three main DIY stores – Bunnings, Mitre 10 and Placemakers.

Despite some of the negative things I’ve heard about Bunnings – paying their staff badly, being Australian owned etc – I’ve always found the service very good, and the prices competitive, especially compared to Placemakers.

I’ve seen a bit about poor service from teenagers, but let’s be honest, unless you wanted to know something about which polish will shine up your stick-on spinning ‘chrome’ hub caps, or which cable wire would be good for your car’s sub woofer, would you seriously ask a teenager working in Bunnings for advice? No, of course not. You need to find someone over 40 who probably knows something about DIY or at least will find someone who does. I’ve found the advice not only useful but enthusiastic (in fact sometimes you find yourself relating your entire DIY experience while backing towards the checkout).

I found out that Bunnings gives it’s employees share options, and I’m guessing this must have something to do with the attitude. Staff seem to bustle around as if they owned the place or at least ‘their’ section.

Given the monosyllabic grunts you receive from some hard-ware store ’employees’ and other retailers like The Warehouse, it’s clear that other companies need to seriously look at this as a way of inspiring employee to show a bit more interest in their jobs.

I would imagine that for retailers like Michael Hill and Noel Leemings, that share options would be a clever way of getting that extra bit of customer service from an employee.

  1. I just love the fact that they have almost everything you could need. I don’t go to the smaller guys and hope they’ll have it anymore, although it does take about 4 times longer to find it some days.

    • Robbo
    • August 12th, 2009

    I am so hapy to know that Bunnings look after their customers because they certainaly treat prosepctive employees with total contempt.

    On 16 July 2009 I visited the Bunnings Warehouse, Lake Road, Port Macquarie NSW to enquire about an advertised position of Department Manager.

    The obvious place to enquire was the Service Desk where I was met with smiles and offers of help, that was until I advised the young lady that I wanted details about the advertised position.

    Her response caught me completely, and what’s more the smile and helpfulness rapidly disappeared. “Why would you want that job, it is just soooooooo stressful”.

    So the job is stressful is it? What a wonderful representation of the company that pays her wages. If the job is sooooo stressful then why are you still there?

    By her own admission she stated that jobs at Bunnings are obviously soooooooo stressful!!! Where is her loyalty to her company? I am pleased she works for Bunnings because if she was my employee and spoke to a customer in that tone she would be dismissed instantly.

    What a wonderful introduction to the world according to Bunnings.

    It was an absolutely wonderful PR exercise, well done Bunnings.

    I was eventually referred to another young lady who I was informed was a Department Manager. Once again I was greeted with smiles and offering all the appearances of wanting to assist. That was until I explained the reason of my visit.

    Her tone changed completely also, and so began what I considered to be an interrogation that would have done the Gestapo proud.

    She tried to intimidate me by describing how much was involved in the position and how I would have to fit into the Bunnings “team”. Really, I would have to fit into the team irrespective of my qualifications. It really was beginning to sound like an adult version of MacDonalds. The exception being they are taking to adults not some pimply faced 15 year old kid. (No offence intended to all pimply faced kids).

    The interrogation continued by being asked if I was a local, well it was obvious that I wasn’t however I did explain that I owned a house and other real estate in the town and I intended to move to Port Macquarie in the near future.

    I was then asked as to my qualifications, I advised the young lady of my qualifications and her response was simply, “Well with all your qualifications why don’t you just go back to Sydney and get a job?

    Up until that point in time I always considered that every Australian had the right of freedom to live and work where ever they pleased. Apparently not, it appears now that approval has to be sought and approved by some arrogant, self opinionated upstart who is employed at Bunnings.

    To anyone considering seeking employment at Bunnings I wish you well.

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