Tasty lunch snack – Uncle Ben’s Express

These are a pretty clever idea, they are good for a dinner side but also perfect for a quick hot lunch, especially now winter has well and truly arrived.

Uncle Ben’s has a range of pre cooked rices called ‘Express’. They come in a range of flavours from Speical fired rice. Mexican, Savory Chicken you get the picture. You tear a small hole in the top, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it cool and eat it straight out of the bag.

they don’t have to be refrigerated so you can stash them in the drawer at work for that day when it’s so miserable going outside requires a rubber dingy and wet whether gear.

They have no artifical colours, flavours or added preservatives (note the ‘added’ bit) so for the natural health freaks out there these are almost acceptable – although I can’t vouch for the plastic as it doesn’t say what it is so I’m not sure if it is ‘7’ which is the one that gives you a tiny bit of a female hormone boost, and hey, a few hormones never hurt anyone and it’s not like you’re going to be eating these for lunch every day! They are made in the E.U. not somewhere dodgy like some of the snap frozen meals.

So far my favorit is the Mexican one, a bit spicy. They cost about $2.70 so that’s about the price of a pie and possibly a bit healthier.



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