Air New Zealand’s Web Site

Now I’ll admit I’m not a great fan of Air NZ. I’ll use them only if I have too as I find their service indifferent at the best of times, and they aren’t very competitive. I also object to being a defacto shareholder due to the wisdom of Mr Cullen and one of his many spend ups. We should have let the Singaporeans run it, they would have done a good job of it and at least us tax payers wouldn’t have taken a hit every time the share price dropped. It wasn’t a strategic asset so as usual it was a silly nationalistic decision based not on business but politics… but I digress.

This isn’t to bag Air NZ, but to point out that they have developed a very good web presence. The ‘grabaseat’ page where they flick off cheap seats – yesterday $699 return to Tokyo – is very useful. There is also a neat feature so that if you mouse over a offer there are suggestions of what to do at the destination, you know, things like ‘freeze your bollocks off in Invercargil’, with links to main site where you can book you whole holiday.

Air NZ’s website and booking system online is excellent, one of the best I’ve used.

Now all they need to do is allow you to check in online (which you can) and then actually have a clearly defined seperate queue for checking your luggage in at the airport for international flights. There’s nothing worse doing half their work for them, then having to stand in those mind bending queues at the airport to give them your luggage.

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