Tony Veitch Update

I see Mr Veitch has ‘come clean’ and admitted to assaulting his former partner.

Veitch’s assault on his former partner was so vicious that he broke her back in four places. He said he wasn’t making any excuses for his actions, his relationship had just ended and he’d been working seven days a week at two jobs and was on medication for emotional and physical exhaustion.

“I was at the lowest ebb of my life and I needed help.”

He said the reason he hadn’t spoken out before now was that the couple had a confidentiallity agreement because he did not want it to be played out in public.

I don’t see how anyone can possibly continue in a public role such as his after this. He’s had years to come clean, and take responsibility for his actions but rather he tried to pay his victim off in the hope that the incident would go away.

That was naive and stupid and almost as bad as the incident itself, although kicking someone so you fracture their vertebrae seems to be able as bad as it gets as he must have been damn close to either permanently paralysing her, or worse, killing her.

There’s no excuse, and he shouldn’t try to make one it just makes it more obvious that he is someone who cannot take responsibility for his actions. He said he wasn’t making excuses and then roles out a bunch of rubbish which looked exactly like excuses. I don’t give a shit if he was stressed because of his job because he was working seven days a week, hell my job’s stressful and I don’t go around smacking people over and use that as a justification! There are thousands of NZders that work seven days a week and they don’t use that as a reason to beat people up. It awfully thoughtful of him not to want it played out in the media so he paid her off, real generous of him.

No one else should defend him and I hope to hell we don’t see some sort of ‘support Tony Veitch’ group.

I’d still like to know what took TVNZ so bloody long to act, If they’ve known about this for a while that is absolutely inexcusable.

    • R.Sole
    • July 9th, 2008

    veitch was in good company when on game of two halves. tv one let the show back on after ellis was found guilty on drugs charges. and ridge was the guy who held a knife to the throat of a taxi driver (female) years ago wasn’t he? i think white people in new zealand need to stand up and take responsibility for the escalating domestic violence issue, and increasing crime rate. or is that only expected when members of a minority group make the headlines.

    • Alison
    • July 10th, 2008

    “Live by the image die by the image. If you choose to earn money courting your image, TV presenter, sports presenter, sports opinionator who passes comment on off the field behaviours of sports people, magazine exclusives, then when you tarnish that image, your job goes.”

    Tony Veitch has been exposed for the bully he is. Anyone who beats someone so badly they need hospitalization and then blackmails that person into saying nothing is a bully of the first order. He deserves every bit of criticism he is currently receiving.

    Apparently there is a history of unfortunate comments and behaviour from him. He has at last been found out. No doubt he hoped his (in his pitifully small mind) fame would be protection.

    So now he is full of remorse and sorry for what happened. Evidently he wasn’t too sorry when he beat his partner; evidently he was concerned only with his image; evidently he felt $100,000.00 was enough to buy silence; evidently he is stupid and arrogant.

    Obviously he is saying all the right things now – well he would wouldn’t he!! It’s not exactly rocket science to join those dots. He is extremely fortunate he didn’t face a charge of murder when this battering occurred.

  1. Yo!
    I love your blog. obviously that’s why i am here.

    about this cretin, this filthy human being, this scumbag… veitch… I am simply in shock that this can happen and that he does not pay his penalty in time in a single cell lockup.

    SERIOUSLY, he broke a woman’s back with a kick while she lay on the ground!!!!!!

    If NZ has a single tiny acorn of a testicle in their pants, they would ensure that this man is jailed for this crime… otherwise it sends a message to the public that hey you can violently and grievously assault a defenseless person while they lay on the ground and if you are slick about it you can get away with it. ever heard the saying “getting away with murder”?

    I wonder what kind of man veitch is to beat up a woman. I bet the filthy talentless ape wouldnt make too much noise when in the presence of men. I bet he quiets right up.

    I agree with the comment above – ALL OF NEW ZEALAND needs to take responsibility for the increase in violent crime. EVERYONE TOGETHER. and start by making an example of TONY VEITCH. Let’s see this fucker pay for his crime, not just with his dollars.

    This is SAD.

    • P D
    • July 15th, 2008

    The only thing this little man Tony is sorry about is being caught out. His continued employment by TVNZ shows support for his actions.

    I agree he should continue his work with abuse but it should be on a voluntary basis, no pay, no claim for expenses.

    Their is no excuse what-so-ever for his behaviour. I doubt he would have even given it a second thought at beating a strong male or female in anger, he chose to take his anger out on and beat someone who was weaker than himself.

    Obviously has problems coping with his job so he should not be in it.

  2. what i want to know is…

    is it likely that tony veitch will be assaulted (think like broken jaw or broken nose or broken eye socket) while he is out boozing on TVNZ dollars OR have kiwi men in general become c*ckless swines like all of Europe?

    Sorry for the profanity.

    I am sure you can understand where I am coming from with this question. enjoy

    • Sandy Kay
    • October 13th, 2008

    Tony Veitch has the little man syndrome – full of complexes – his hysterical false laugh tells all!

  3. Man isn’t it great to see Tony back on TV with Deaker…. life is about second chances. He looks like he has ages a fair bit but I’m glad he is back on his feet.

    Way to go Tony!

  1. July 10th, 2008

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