Food Police

A snack food promotion accused of encouraging children to eat the equivalent of more than a kilogram of fat has been stung by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The authority upheld a complaint by the Ministry of Health that Bluebird Foods’ “Rugby Superstars” promotion encouraged excessive consumption of a treat food, and used famous rugby players to gain a high level of appeal to children.

Well if you thought that Sue Kedgley and the food police were just a bit of a joke, think again.

Bluebirds foods have run a successful marketing campaign and good luck to them, they’re in the business of selling snack food.

Why doesn’t the Ministry of Health start putting parents in the dock for allowing their children to consume excessive amounts of a ‘treat’ food, after all they’re the ones that are buying it. Bluebirds didn’t give the stuff away, they aren’t selling an additive substance, they’re just doing business. What next, prosecuting alcohol companies for causing car accidents, Mattel for driving girls into anorexia, jeans companies for creating unsightly ‘muffin tops’ and putting me off my lunch?

It’s a complete crock to blame companies for this. It’s the consumers that are buying it and if parents are legal guardians then they should be held responsible for their children’s diet. Food manufactures didn’t create the mythical obesity epidemic, consumers eating too much did (and overzealous control freaks who want to run our lives)

Of course that’s not going to fly as Kedgley and her gang know. Voters would punish them for prosecuting parents so instead they pick on businesses because there’s nothing wrong with punishing nasty evil corporates is there?

This is complete PC madness and I sincerely hope that whoever gets elected puts a stop to this nonsense quickly. It’s about time everyone got back to taking personal responsibility for their actions and stop trying to blame someone else – in this case business.

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