Auckland’s next white elephant

God, I am so glad I don’t pay rates to Auckland City Council anymore…

Plans for a $25 million revamp of Auckland’s Aotea Square have been unveiled.

Auckland City Council planners have been schemeing away for years on this, and have finely crafted arguments for wasting $25 million (it’ll inevitably cost far more than that) of Auckland rate payers money on something they don’t need.

The word ‘precinct’ should always ring alarm bells, this is one of those flash words planners chuck in to make things sound like they of benefit to the community.

What do they actually mean when they say it will become an “arts, cultural and recreational hub” there are already plenty of those, and I thought that was what Aotea square already was so how’s this going to change that?

Ooooh, It will be able to cater to concerts for up to 20,000 people, obviously these guys don’t get out much, there a brand new facility downtown that already does this and it’s didn’t cost ratepayers $25 million!

I was thinking that perhaps this plan had died a natural death and Banksie had killed it off. John, use a wooden stake next time! This project is like the undead.

I see that they want it finished for the world cup, I just can’t see the rugby pitch anywhere so am mystified what the connection is, but I’m sure some monument builder will have one no matter how tenuous. I expect it has more to do with creating a sense of urgency which will enable cheerleaders to by pass objections.

Every few years with tedious monotony planners and statist monument builders present some new un-needed and over priced project to foist on Auckland ratepayers, this is clearly 2008’s one.

Aucklanders now have sufficient venues for conferences and I’m sure Auckland ratepayers have more basic pressing needs for the $25 million, and if they don’t then how about a rates cut?

Auckland ratepayers feeling deprived are welcome to print and cut out the white elephant and create their own personal monument for future generations (sorry this was the biggest one I could find, we’re on a budget).

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