Asian Vigilantes – Part III

Chinese community leaders met yesterday to discuss ways to distance their communities from Peter Low. And the chief executive of a broadcasting station wants an apology from the man who suggested using triads to combat crime.

“His (Peter Low) ideas of doing things is not the New Zealand way, and it certainly is not the Chinese way.

“He does not represent us or the Asian community.”

Well it wasn’t like we didn’t see this coming!

Having had some first hande experience of working with Chinese in political groups, and there always seems to be one person pushing their own personal agenda who has a little clique around them talking them up – one minute they “speak for the whole community” next you find they’d be lucky to speak for their mates!

I’ll say it again ( because there’s been some comments claiming I am bagging ‘Asians’) The objectives on the web site were laudable, there are already groups within the community doing great work, and I think anything that invloves recent immigrants in working with fellow NZders to reduce crime is fantastic and to be encouraged. Triads and vigilantes on the other hand, are plain stupid, and Mr Low having lived here for 20 odd years should have known this would back fire.

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