Cullen’s Conspiracy

“Finance Minister Michael Cullen has accused Road Transport Forum chief executive Tony Friedlander, a former National cabinet minister, of organising yesterday’s truck protest for political motives…”

I’m not sure whether to think this is funny, or disturbing.

I guess on one hand the protest was for political purposes, every protest against a government is political. Full marks to Cullen for being so observant. But Cullen takes it a step further, in his world anyone who is against Labour must be for National.

Cullen has always been arrogant, but this is breathtaking. He is implying that the thousands of truck drivers have been duped into helping the National Party by one man. This is insulting to peoples intelligence, but then if you are such a towering beacon of common sense and intelligence as Cullen is, I guess from his perspective it’s not surprising he thinks we are all a bit thick and gullible.

I guess the extension of this thinking is that we are all going to be fooled into voting for National, when really Labour knows what’s best for us. Labour really does seem to believe that it hasn’t made any mistakes, everything is a “miss-understanding” or Labour MP’s “miss-speak”. Not once have I heard anyone from Labour admit they were wrong, in fact they are so convinced of their rightness that even when Ministers have made such screamingly obvious judgements of errors, that Clark is forced to sack them because of public outrage (and boy do we have to get fired up before she will do anything) she usually reinstates them as soon as she can get away with it.

There is another leader who behaves like this… he’s currently running Zimbabwe. Mugabe blames everyone else for Zimbabwe’s problems, it the English, or White farmers, or the MDC… anyone but himself.

Cullen’s now so arrogant and out of touch that he can’t even keep his trap shut when it’s good for him. It just seems so silly to say what he has, it is just going to annoy people even more.

Labour has been so successful at staying in power for so long, that they are now so deeply in self destruct mode is quite puzzling. Either this is a secret plan to lull National into complacency, or Labour really have got so totally out of touch that are imploding.

Many people are really sick and tired of Labour, but Michael, that doesn’t mean they think that National has all the answers. I guess we are all just so pissed off now that really anything would be better than Labour and Cullen’s attitude towards any public display of dissatisfaction is yet another example of what some find so distasteful about Labour.

My biggest disappointment is that if Labour really is self imploding, then National will sleep walk into power without being challenged on any of their (yet to be announced) policies. This would be not be a good thing for anyone.

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